Further Autumn Pine Work

Below are a few more pines we’ve shaped up through Autumn and managed to get snaps of… Shohin size this time round.


Mugo Pine before work

Above is a pine I’d been slowly encouraging to become a semi-cascade. Now was the time to revisit and get it fully re-wired, helping it along on it’s journey sideways…


After styling and repotting. 16cm H.

Took the above shot once it was wired and repotted into one of my own pots. This pot is too large to be the final, but it won’t be till next repot that I can remove enough of the rootball to get it in the ideal pot. I hadn’t cleaned up the deadwood jins before taking the shot unfortunately. The small left hand jin mimicking the movement of the larger right hand top jin will most likely be shortened as it’s a bit too predictable…


Lower branch detail


Small pine ready for further styling…

Another one styled in semi-cascade (one of my favourite styles for Shohin pines). Similar to the pine above, this one needs rootball reducing to get it into the ideal pot/size. It’s a small pine this one, coming in at only 11cm high.


After work

Next up we have a slender one… Styled to more of a literati-‘ish’ form.


Before work


After work

This one ended up in another of my own pots. Just a wee fella this one.

More larger pines, junipers and cypress posted up soon!