Swamp Juniper

Progress of a collected Needle Juniper… Collected from the edge of a swamp. This juniper had grown very tall and slender over the many years it had been there, reaching for the light. As the level of the swamp water rose in winters passed, it rotted out the trunk on the water side. This gave it a nice natural shari running up the trunk. This was the only redeeming feature, and main reason for collecting it. The other being that I love the challenge of bending straight trunks to create interesting trees from otherwise poor material.

Juniper a few years after collection.

The image above shows the tree once I had reduced it’s height, removing more than a metre off the top. Prior to this I nurtured a tiny little bud on the trunk for a few years until it had enough growth to become the foliage for the entire tree… Heavy feeding and unrestrained growth got that little bud to the foliage mass you see above.

After splitting the live vein away from the deadwood.

Splitting the trunk and bringing the live vein downward would enable us to get a really compact tree. This would also add a nice characteristic deadwood curve for the apex to eventually sit into and grow over.

After wiring and repotting.

Although the tree has come a long way since it’s swampy days (it was nice getting it into a pot I made last year), a few things need to be addressed to get it looking good, including refinement of the foliage pads, and removing a large root at the back so we can get the tree sitting lower in the pot.

A few slightly more intimate shots…

Deadwood detail


Deadwood detail

Curly Jin

Detail of Adrian Bird Ceramics pot 🙂