An update and some refinement work on a Juniper that was re-styled April 2016 (check out original post HERE). It’s been 9 months since it’s last work, time to check it’s progress…

Above is the tree before work, foliage pads having filled in a bit since styling April last year, time to refine them….

Nice healthy foliage.

Below we can see new interior foliage, this is the good stuff, allowing us to cut back outer foliage and get a denser tree.

A future foliage pad.

Below is the tree after a complete thinning and re-wire. The left side is still lacking somewhat but we’ll get it evened up with the right side pretty soon… Apex needs more foliage to the rear also.

After work, February 2017.

Pad detail.

Trunk detail, deadwood will get a bit of refinement soon.

The tree’s progress over 9 months. April 2016 (left) to February 2017.