This cypress began as a forest/clump style but had been re-styled many years back after a storm came through and snapped off some of the central trunks. It thenĀ got left to it’s own devices for about 10 years or so. I was never really happy on the initial re-style to an informal upright and when I saw it sitting there looking rather sad I decided to give it a full make-over, detailed below…

Above is the tree sometime after lifting (collected from a farm).

In the above photo I had began styling, but got interrupted before getting anywhere with it. The following night a storm came through, breaking a large branch off a pine in the forest behind us. Landing right on top of this cypress, the pine branch snapped the central trunks clean off about half way down. I then decided to re-style it…

Loosely restyled for a future as an informal upright double-trunk thing?

Fast forward many years and we can see below the tree as it is in 2017. Older, wiser, but not terribly rousing. So, let us inject some drama into this tree to better reflect it’s somewhat hectic life thus far…

The tree before work, ’17.

Below is the tree after the complete re-work. Doing away with everything and using only the small secondary trunk, we are able to create a powerful little shohin.

After re-style.

In the future we’ll do some detail work on the deadwood, and the pads will fill out nicely to give it a softer, fuller feel. And yeah, repot into a more appropriately sized pot… (A couple of ideas for that at the end of this post).

Apex detail.

The old primary trunk…

One of the Hinoki’s best traits lies in its beautiful tight green foliage.

Below are a couple of ideas for pots… Hoping I’ll either make one similar myself, or bring one back from Japan in a couple of weeks! šŸ˜‰

Love the feet on the above pot, how do we feelĀ about a round…?

Classic (also rare & v. expensive) zenigo pot… Looks great. Should be able to find a new copy of this, shape and colour-wise, in Japan.

More cypress posts to follow as it’s all we’ve been focussing on this past week!!