HINOKI CYPRESS – Bringing the top down

We’d been using this old cypress to show students how to prune out growth and wire pads on the species (being a bit different in approach to juniper), but didn’t get around to positioning the top… Which would require some quite gnarly bends to get it into position. It has been a while since wiring the lower branches, so they need re-wiring now also. Today we were just going to get the apex positioned, and if time allowed (which it didn’t), bring the primary branches in further towards the trunk, and detail wire all the pads.

Above, the tree before work. This shot was taken maybe a month before today, and it’s filled in slightly since then.

With the direction of this tree, we want to aim to get the apex tucked in lower than the jin, so we have a nice ten-jin protruding out from the canopy of green… And compressing the tree as much as possible, hightlighting the trunk.

The apex wrapped, wired, bent, and half way into position…

Almost brought down far enough, time to position foliage….

Below is the tree after completing the apex, bringing the primary branches in, and detail work on the left hand side branches had began… Unfortunately we ran out of time to detail wire the rest of the tree, but I thought I’d get a good photo of it where it’s at, and we’ll get a final photo of it when we get everything positioned after I return from Japan.

After work. Haven’t decided on the final planting position as yet, will suss it when we detail the pads.

Apex detail.

It’s a really old tree and the reason we want to bring that foliage in tighter is to accentuate that impressive lower trunk.

Stay tuned for yet more Cypress work, Black Pine, and the World Bonsai Convention, Japan 🙂