HAKARU-EN Bonsai Garden

We’re very excited to have finally found the dream spot to set up our Japanese Garden, in Mangawhai, north of Auckland. It has been a life long dream of mine to set up a Bonsai Gallery, garden and studio, and now we can finally start turning the vision into reality.

The garden will be named Hakaru-en, after the area that is known as Hakaru, in Mangawhai, Kaipara. This will be a long project both in time and scale but it will be great to finally start designing the landscape. Going completely off-grid, we’ll be powering up from the sun just like our plants.

Pics below show the raw canvas, with areas of protected native bush, a stream, and plenty of undulating slopes to work with.

Looking East towards the coast from upper section.

Looking West over native plantings and stream.

South, down the property, including native plantings and stream.

View north from proposed build site.

Looking north west from proposed entrance way.

Miko-Rose off to discover what treasures this new land has to offer…