‘Time is a flat circle’.

The subject of this post is a juniper collected from the edge of a lake about 10 years back. Upon collection the trunk was straight as an arrow, its height over 2 metres, and folks thought I was mad to bother with such a straight up and down bean-pole.

Turns out I’d been searching for just such a broomstick for an idea I had bouncin’ about… I’d once seen a famous White Pine in Japan known as the ‘Infinity’ pine, and I desperately wanted to create my own version here in NZ. The Infinity pine had a beautiful trunk that flowed around and around forming the ‘prone’ figure 8, the infinity symbol.

Over a period of 4 – 5 years, I began the slow process of folding the collected juniper over itself, creating 6 bends in total along the trunk. The end result bringing the eye-line up the trunk and ’round and ’round ‘n ’round…

The trunk ‘intersection’ & detail of the shari on lower trunk.

Once we had the infinite looping trunk line sussed, it was time to style the foliage. I knew I wanted to use the foliage to kick the eye-line out of the endless loop at some point (otherwise the viewer may be lost in there forever…) adding extra dynamism.

The beautifully bright blue-green foliage of the Himilayan juniper.

The overall design of the tree would be too predictable aesthetically if there were no definitive asymmetry.

This was easily achieved utilising the bottom left and third left branch (from bottom) to dictate the trees flow to the left (thus letting the eye-line flow out to the left once tired of going ’round ‘n ’round).

Below is the now styled tree (as of March 2020) and additional pics clearly illustrating the flow of the trunk line.

The ‘Infinitiy’ Juniper, March 2020.
The ‘infinite’ trunk line…
Using the foliage to ‘kick’ the eye out of the design.

There’s still a ways to go with refining this tree. In particular; the foliage needs to tighten up, foliage pads need to be defined (some needing to be removed altogether). We can’t let the foliage get too heavy on a trunk line such as this.

The tree has some beautiful deadwood running throughout its lengthy trunk, including some paper thin ‘shark fin’ areas.

All in all, a very fun process, and we’re looking forward to refining ‘Infinity’ unto the future…