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The part about fathers acting like fathers, and children like children seems reasonable, but the part about monarchs and vassals seems meant to flatter a powerful ruler.Confucius also said, “The rules of ceremony do not go down to the common people. Therefore, the models for success in China are high-ranking officials and obscenely wealthy businessmen backed by those officials.Officials are special because they have acquired knowledge, honor, power, and money; they are the highest form of human in China. But attacks are not their only methods, they are also teaching Internet users in China how to evade censorship.

Thanks to China, the limits of our planet’s tolerance / endurance have already been exceeded.Since these are official Chinese statistics, the figures are probably underestimates. But in 2009 China’s Environmental Protection Bureau protested vociferously against the publication of the readings, claiming that they “confuse the Chinese people.” That’s what we’ve come to expect: contentions that telling the truth will confuse the people, and the government won’t be able to maintain order.The Americans disregarded the protests and continue to issue the measurements. We might say that the Great Wall is a monument to the desertification of China.If we were living in ancient China, when the population was no more than several 10 millions, Nature could have recovered faster than the Chinese could destroy it. They proclaim, “We have taken control of the stomach. Victims are even today girding themselves for the next protest. In May 2010 a Harvard University research team published a report in Pediatrics, a medical journal, to the effect that children who ingest even very thin dilutions of organophosphates are prone to ADHD (attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder).Poisonous seafood and soy sauce made from human hairThe Chinese had been using malachite green, a strong colorant that is also inexpensive, to make fish look fresh; that substance is suspected of being carcinogenic. Why are the Chinese, with their four millennia of history, and their innate intelligence, unable to cure this cancer? It is important to begin treatment that will halt the progress of China cancer right now. This is exactly how cancer cells behave. But when I questioned them, they invariably changed the subject; they also were reluctant to talk about the CCP.

The next exits are the narrow Tsugaru and Soya straits. It is an expansive, beautiful spot facing the Kanda River.We Taiwanese students would be lined up at the entrance, conversing in Taiwanese.

Anyone claiming that cancer is good for us would be made a laughingstock, but a great many politicians and scholars maintain that China will be the savior of the world economy. Why didn’t the cancer spread to other countries sooner?The truth is that China has collapsed any number of times.

If we assume that each household consisted of eight individuals, then 3 million households included a total of 24 million individuals. Wang, an alumnus of the Communist Youth League, was the party secretary in Chongqing before he assumed that position in Guangdong. But China cancer has characteristics absent in normal nations, namely the tendency to intentionally pollute and manufacture toxic products. This shift may have pulled Japan in the wrong direction.Conservative critics are all distinguished specialists who possess a wide range of knowledge about the details of history, and are capable of discussing them intelligently.

Today the banishment of Uighur culture is underway, beginning at the kindergarten and elementary-school level. The Chinese will attempt to avenge the murder of a relative, even if it takes dozens of years. Consequently, high-ranking government officials with their monopoly on glory, power, and wealth are falling over themselves to make their escapes to foreign lands. They are in Japan, the US, Europe, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and they have formed a worldwide network. There aren’t many intellectuals who will voice their objections to such behavior, but such officials do exist. In other words, if we can acquire weapons of mass destruction, we don’t care how much we embarrass ourselves. More practical support for China’s democratization movementTaiwan’s use of democracy to put pressure on China will have a destructive force equal to, or possibly greater than a declaration of independence. Every official, starting with the lowest-ranking local bureaucrat, demands a 20% bribe, the budget balloons, and unless the builder makes do with less construction material, the bribes can’t be paid.

It has attained another, higher dimension.You may ask how is this possible. Among them 5,656 (54.6%) were from North or South Korea, and 3,259 (31.5%) from China.Readers may wonder about this phenomenon, thinking that Koreans and Chinese hate Japan. They need information, funds, manpower, and material resources, of course, and also the cooperation of the international community.Falun Gong was founded by Li Hongzhi in May 1992 in Changchun.

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+ 18moreChinese takeawaysNew Good Fortune, Fortune House, and more