3 questions to ask when decluttering

I have few books.
Sometimes our possessions define us and root us. Nothing else is worth keeping!For non-wearables, do a little self reflection to see if this item fits in your lifeIf you’re keeping it for some past version (or potential future version) of yourself, please stop! For that reason, I keep the iron – even though I wish I didn’t have to.You will come across similar items during your journey, and when you do this question will save you from the dangers of decluttering regret; that awful feeling when you realize you donated something you actually needed to keep.I live in Northern California less than an hour from two of the most devastating wildfires in our state’s history – the Carr Fire in Shasta County and the Camp Fire in Butte County.It was absolutely heart-wrenching to watch and hear stories of close friends and neighbors who lost absolutely everything.An experience like this teaches you what is truly valuable.Many victims of the fires had no time to evacuate, and only minutes to grab any items to save.As you go through your home and evaluate your items consider whether or not you would replace this item of it was lost, stolen or damaged.If you had to re-build your entire life from the ground up – what would you choose to include the second time around?If your home is filled with items that you wouldn’t even consider saving or replacing in an emergency, what’s the point of keeping them around now?I truly feel that minimalism is a great method to begin preparing for an emergency. If your children don’t want the item(s), and you are just going to keep them stored away you should consider donating or disposing of them now in a way that you feel comfortable with and have control over.Then keep the item(s) for now, but as I said above, be sure to display them and pass on any stories or history with your children frequently as they grow up so they are aware of its significance to you and your family. And, as for folding shirts and standing them on edge, they still wrinkle and why not hang them up, there’s room in the closet anyways.Thanks for checking out my post, Rhea! Ask these 3 Questions When You’re Decluttering Toys I t’s now officially been five months since we returned from our family’s round-the-world trip and two months since we’ve settled in to our temporary rental house back in the States. If you need more guidance with this, check out these helpful decluttering questions to ask […][…] cleaning and decluttering time! Maybe there are items that aren’t preventing you from moving forward, but they are definitely slowing you down.Is it worth all the extra time and effort when you know that you could be living your ideal life As I mentioned earlier, I believe that clutter is anything that doesn’t deserve a place in our lives. It is powerful, because it forces us to think about an item in terms of worth. There is often the issue of books. And indeed there is much that falls under the second quote, from kitchen and computer parts and construction tools that I knew to be useful but I was never put to use, things that I collected that "some day..." I was going to put to use or learn how to use.

Read this amazing piece about what questions (Besides “Does it spark joy”) to ask yourself.

Decluttering, the question of what to keep and what to get rid of, has been weighing on my wife's and my mind for the last year. When you feel stuck, there are key decluttering questions to ask yourself about each of your items.Answering these questions will be just the push you need to get out of your rut and into decluttering success.When we don’t have a clear vision for our home and life, it is all too easy to find ourselves making little to no progress on our decluttering goals.If you haven’t done so already, write down your vision for your future, as well as your home’s future.
Many of the items others have to sort or get rid of, I never accumulated in the first place.

After several years of minimalism, my purpose didn’t magically appear, as I read online would happen.

Decluttering can be a tough, mentally exhausting process. Lloyd Alter is Design Editor for Treehugger and teaches Sustainable Design at Ryerson University in Toronto.Why the Caulking Gun (And the Thermal Imager) Are the Best Weapons in the War Against Energy WasteI Converted My Home to 100% LED Lighting and You Should TooFrozen Pipes?

Minimalism, when you follow a set of rules that don’t work for you, doesn’t help anyone. Here are 12 decluttering questions to ask yourself when purging and organizing your home.

Recently, I had a viral post on my experience with the KonMari Method.. I relate so much. Thanks so much ♡I’m so glad to hear that you’ve been decluttering!

Heaven forbid, that you ever have to evacuate your home – it would be much easier if it’s organized and clutter-free.This is actually a two part question, and you really should answer yes to each part in order to decide to keep the item.Well, then make sure it’s displayed or used so that it has a purpose and place in your home. I get to keep a Motorola radio that doesn't work, a movie camera with no film, an inkwell when I don't have a fountain pen and a tarnished silver box. But for others, they may have no idea how to know if something sparks joy.

And even among the ones we kept, there are questionable choices.

Think about alternatives you …

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3 questions to ask when decluttering