BattleBots 2019 bracket

Team: Chronos Jerry Serafin, Jhonny Melgoza, Bradley Hanstad, Nathan Trowbridge, Nadia Moss Years competing: 20+ years Hometown: Canoga Park, California Favorite tool: Waterjet! 2019 BattleBots World Championship After a dramatic season of robot warfare, eight of the greatest bots in the world face off to stake their claim in becoming the 2019 BattleBots World Champion and take home the Giant Nut. BattleBots Champion Bite Force squares off against famed bot Yeti, while another legendary builder returns to the competition with a brand-new epic bot. This also determined who would fight each other in the bracket phase; the highest ranked robot would fight the lowest ranked robot, for example. The eighth season of the American competitive television series BattleBots premiered on Discovery and on May 11, 2018. The 2019 BattleBots World Championship kicks off an epic Sweet 16 competition, as the deadliest bots across the globe battle it out for the ultimate prize. Let's set up a tournament and invite them!Set up tickets, merchandise, and multiple tournaments.Effortlessly host multiple tournaments, leagues and events for your loyal members.Got a game with friends? Lots of matches are left in the judge's hands. Battlebots 2019 Championship Prediction Bracket 16 Players. Encore episodes debuted on Science Channel on May 16, 2018. A prediction bracket of who i think will be in the tournament Let's set up a tournament and invite them!Set up tickets, merchandise, and multiple tournaments.Effortlessly host multiple tournaments, leagues and events for your loyal members. Builder: Mark Demers Type: Flipper Job: Technology Sales and Marketing Team: TKO Robotics Mark Demers, Andrew Burghgraef, Ben Hei, David Janssen, David Kennedy, Robert Frankovich, Reza Kazemi, Tom Burn, Tim Bayne, Matthew Bailey, Jeff Hayashida, Jerome Johnson, Dave Solomon, Daniel Suchomel Years competing: 12 years Hometown: Ottawa, Canada Favorite…Robot info Builder info Robot: MadCatter Builder: Martin Mason Type: Hammer Job: Professor of Engineering, Mt. The season of BattleBots kicks off with 67 epic bots as they face off to become the 2019 BattleBots World Champion. Single Elimination. Challonge will generate an image for you. Builder: Adam Wrigley Type: Hammer/Axe Job: Principal Mechanical Engineer at frog Team: Bots FC Adam Wrigley, Eric Wrigley, Matt Bores, Mary Chimenti, Paul Gancitano, Adrian “Bunny” Sauriol Years competing: 11 years Hometown: Brooklyn, NY Favorite tool: Sledge Hammer Sponsors: frog Meer Precision TMS Titanium BaneBots MaxAmps Qooos Watches Stolen…Robot info Builder info Robot: Shellshock Builder: George Kirkman Type: Full Bodied Spinner Job: Robot Doctor Team: Rolling Robots Steven Davis, Anderson Sudatinata, Trevor Heise, Michael Huang, George Kirkman Years competing: Rookie Hometown: Rolling Hills Estates, CA Favorite tool: Pre distortion linearizer Sponsors: Hot Dog Kustoms Little Machineshop Rolling Robots Impact production KHK Gears Favorite…Robot info Builder info Robot: Sidewinder Builder: Josh Coates Type: Bar spinner (horizontal) Job: Tank mechanic Team: Close Enough Josh Coates, CeliAnne Coates, Thomas Coates, Hunter Sullivan Years competing: 3 years Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT Favorite tool: Haas CNC mill Sponsors: Favorite robot: HAL 9000 Website: Sidewinder on Instagram Interesting fact: Sidewinder is made…Robot info Builder info Robot: Skorpios Builder: Zachary Lytle Type: Top Attack Saw Job: President of Bot Bash Parties Team: Offbeat Robotics Zachary Lytle, Orion Beach, Diana Tarlson, Jen Herchenroeder, Micah Leibowitz, Dan Chatterton, Ben Shafton, Adam Duarte, Bennett Funk, Kayen Duarte Years competing: 20 years Hometown: Lafayette, CA Favorite tool: CNC Milling Machine Sponsors:…Robot info Builder info Robot: Son of Whyachi (aka SOW) Builder: Luke Ewert Type: Caged 3 arm spinner (horizontal) Job: Engineer at Westar LLC Team: Team Whyachi Robotics Luke Ewert, Reese Ewert, Rachel Stuplich Years competing: 17 years Hometown: Dorchester, WI Favorite tool: WaterJet Sponsors: Vex Robotics UdderGun MaxAmps NetComponents Favorite robot: Bender Website:…Robot info Builder info Robot: SubZero Builder: Jerry Clarkin Type: Flipper Job: Designer/builder Team: Team Hammertime Jerry Clarkin, Alex Horne Years competing: 18 years Hometown: Malvern, PA Favorite tool: Lincoln Tig Welder Sponsors: Motion Controls Basset Industries Favorite robot: Tobor Website: Interesting fact: Last season, retiring due to lack of funding.Robot info Builder info Robot: Tantrum Builder: Aren Hill Type: Puncher Job: Mechanical Engineer Team: Seems Reasonable Aren Hill, Sean Doherty, Jason Weihman, Erica Chin, Alex Grant, Bryan Culver, Dillon Carey, David Mintz, Ginger Schmidt, Brian Silverman, James Doherty Years competing: 2 years Hometown: Mountain View, CA Favorite tool: CNC Mill, Deep cut portaband Sponsors:…Robot info Builder info Robot: Texas Twister Builder: Michael “Fuzzy” Mauldin Type: Disc spinner (horizontal) Job: Retired Computer Scientist Team: Team Toad Michael “Fuzzy” Mauldin, Kay Mauldin, Tony Woodward, Jon Bennett, Brady Davis Years competing: 20 years Hometown: Liberty Hill, Texas Favorite tool: MIG Welder Sponsors: Big Blue Saw Inneos LLC Favorite robot: B9 from…Robot info Builder info Robot: Tombstone Builder: Ray Billings Type: Bar spinner (horizontal) Job: Designer, Builder, and Driver Team: Hardcore Robotics Ray Billings, Rick Russ, Justin Billings Years competing: 18 years Hometown: Placerville, CA Favorite tool: Tormach PCNC 1100 Sponsors: Tormach Inc. VEX Robotics NPC Robotics Printed Solid Favorite robot: Gypsy Danger Website:…Robot info Builder info Robot: Uppercut Builder: Alex Hattori Type: Puncher Job: Student Team: MIT Combat Robotics Club Alex Hattori, Mason Massie, Chetan Sharma, Jared DiCarlo, Sofia Leon, Greg Xie, Sarah Pohorecky, Jackson Gray, Amy Fang, Devansh Agrawal, Dayna Erdmann Years competing: Rookie Hometown: Cambridge, MA Favorite tool: CNC Mill Sponsors: Massachusetts Institute of Technology…Robot info Builder info Robot: Valkyrie Builder: Leanne Cushing Type: Undercutter Job: Founder, CEO of Domovi Team: Questionable Designs Leanne Cushing, Frederick Moore, Alexander Crease, Amanda Fowler, Ryan Brown, Fangzhou Yu, Brooks Willis Years competing: 2nd for Valkyrie, 3 for Battlebots, 5 for the team. Elite bots Tombstone and Sawblaze go to war in the BattleBox, as the competition heats up to become the 2019 BattleBots champion.

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