Brad Pitt medium hair

We provide easy "How to style" tips as well as letting you know which hairstyles will match your face shape, hair texture and hair density.

Keep your lenghth short on the side and let the waves do their job. he looked super hot!Once you grow out your hair, it’s impossible to handle and keep it in place. Cool and casual is the main idea for this hairstyle. The quiffs are best styled with silky textured hair and it can either be messy or slicked back. He paired this hairstyle with a nice suit to finish an elegant look that left people talking for weeks.The short but very nice waves on his head made his hair look more textured and voluminous, and he had a slight and almost invisible part at the center of the head.This slight parting gave some direction to the front waves while the It is rare to see Brad in a man bun nowadays. 29.Loose long length Hair in World War Z. Long hair only suits if you have a height not less than 5’10”. Here Mr. Pitt has pulled off a short pompadour with slicked back sides and no beard, looking like a gentle man. This look is perfect for the men in their 30s but make sure you add beard wisely or else it will make you look like a grandpa!This look, I might say, is the improvised version of what Brad Pitt carried off in the Seven Years in Tibet. It is best suited for men with heart, triangular, oval and round face shapes.It has cut clipper sides and back with the top being jagged cut. And now, you've a routine to stick to if you want to remain on the throne. Because the 60s gave us the iconic beehive hair...To say that braid hairstyles fit absolutely everyone would be the understatement of the year. The style is a mixture of side cuts and side sweep with the top hair lifted up and curled at the tip.

Go for this look during parties and important meet-ups..Brad Pitt’s long haircuts are a style statement. The medium hair length slicked back that he wore in the movie Troy proves this.In this film all, he had to do with his hair is to comb it backward without doing anything else. If you want to go blonde and keep it medium lengthed with a bit of style, this is the one.Blonde aside, the brunette look is something that Pitt can carry off easily. So, if you have a naturally lustrous hair, you can grow out and cut it in short steps at the tips to add more texture.The traditional quiff style became a trend after the renowned late actor James Dean flaunted off it in the movie Indiana. Trust me, the slicked-back top portion of the hair and carefully mo-hawked sides will give you a lot of head-turns on the road.The old-fashioned comb-over hair style requires short sides, trimmed with scissors. This hairstyle makes him look gentle, serious and, simple with less drama.Messy quiffs have been on the trend for pretty long now and we know the reason why. To wear these style just keep medium hair length and comb it back.The clean shave hair moment is about the beard and not the hair on Brad Pitt’s head.

In this style, the hair is tapered into a longer top part while the sides are chipped in for a textured finish.It is an incredible style for guys with thinning hair as it can add some volume to their hair and it suits most face shapes including oblong and square.The style that Brad Pitt wore in “The Fury” is one of the most sought after celebrity hairstyles. To get this look, add more volume to the hair on the top and style as your choice (either flowy or brushed up).A loose hairstyle is a bit of a manly look compared to other hairstyles of Brad Pitt. To get this look trim off the sides carefully (ask your hairdressor) and keep the length a bit long on the top and taper it along the right or left side to fade it downwards.Honestly, in my opinion, the slick back brunette style is ageless and super classy, something a high-class man would prefer just like Brad Pitt. Try this look if you have a thick hair texture and an oval or round face shape.Brad Pitt hairstyles tell a story of the different phases of a man’s life and just by looking at him you can tell a lot about his personality and the stage he is at in life.However, you cannot take away the fact that he always seems to get it right no matter what style he chooses. Brad Pitt’s Professional Haircut. But, let’s be honest, when you have a face like that and a godly smile, you could wear a plastic bag and still look sexy as hell.

It is a medium length hairstyle that involves some skillful hair trimming and styling.You would probably not expect Brad Pitt to wear this hairstyle these days, but he tried it at some point in the past in his younger years.His faux hawk looked incredible with his younger face and hair texture, but if he wore it today, he would probably also look quite good.In early 2007 Brad had a spiky short hair with highlights. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Brad Pitt’s Buzz Cut.

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