IP address classes and subnet mask

So we have more than enough.Instead of allocating network addresses using address classes based on 8 bit groups it usesDecimal 192 =11000000 binary which means that 2 bits of this octet are used for the subnet. Now I’m a cider fan too.Really helped me to understand the concept of subnet masks and how they work. Now this question seems a bit childish to ask, but since i am new to networking, so i think i should ask the question here. Managed to grasp CIDR – even after a couple pilsner. !Thank you, the clearest explanation of masks and sub-netting I’ve found.your blog is very helpful steve,u made me understand subnetting within 30 minutes yet i have been readin gjunks for almost 8 years without gasping anything For instance, a Class D IP address is almost exclusively reserved for multicasting applications.

Preview this quiz on Quizizz. Example : Given IP address and default class B mask, find the beginning address (network address).

Help support customers and their devices with remote support tools designed to be fast and powerful. Its IP address spans from 0 to 126. Please anyone respondIt Looks like a VLSM question which I don’t cover on the site because I never did VLSM in real life as there wasn’t the need when I was doing it.Hi Labeeb, In that case, you would need to take 2 IPs which further can be devided in to 4 (/25) subnets.

As a result, most network implementations disregard this class altogether. However use of all1s and all 0s is discouraged. Classes A, B, and C are used the most often by different networks.Subnet classes are made unique by the number of bits their IP addresses have dedicated to a network and the number of bits dedicated to hosts.

We will look a some common subnetting problems that arise when creating networks.1 –  You have been allocated a class C network address of how may hosts can you have?2- You have been allocated a class A network address of 3 – You have been allocated a Class B network address of Now add the 24 bits 255.255.255 and we have 26 bits.

Before we discuss how to implement it it is useful to understand why and when we need to do it and to do that we are first going to work through a simple analogy to illustrate the problem subnetting solvesAs an analogy imagine a school and we need to split it into class rooms.Now each classroom has a desk with a computer and we have been tasked with creating a labeling system for the computers.Now say we have 30 classrooms each with a maximum of 30 students and computers.If we assign numbers to our classrooms and computers then we could have for example:We need two digits for the classroom which would allow for a maximum of 100 classrooms (0-99).We need two digits for the computer which would allow for a maximum of 100 computers (0-99).If we also say that classroom numbers 0 and 99 and computer numbers 0 and 99 were reserved and not allowed to be assigned then we now have a maximum of 98 classrooms and 98 computers which is enough for own requirements.So lets create our label we could use the following scheme:There are many possible permutations we just need to pick one and tell every one about out labeling scheme.Lets assume we go for 2411 where 24 is the classroom and 11 is the computer.This we do easily in our heads once we know the labelling scheme.We could even make it easier for ourselves by creating a paper mask that we put over the label that would reveal the classroom.Just like in our classroom example an IP address is split into two components a So the address is split into Network plus Node.In early IPv4 networks address classes were used to identify the number of bytes allocated to the network component.The main classes were class A,B,C. We can show Subnet Masks with four octets like IP addresses ( or we can show it like /X . 2**n = Subnet Size 2**5 = Subnet Sizes for each subnet.

Solution : The default mask is, which means that the only the first 2 bytes are preserved and the other 2 bytes are set to 0.

Each section of the subnet mask can contain a number from 0 to 255, just like an IP address. Easily adopt and demonstrate best practice password and documentation management workflows. UTP still uses the shared media design. The two primary versions of IP addresses are IPv4 and IPv6. Thank you!Great analogy Steven, really made the whole concept much clearer to me, thanks.It really sound well,of the subnet mask,the explanation give me a better understand, so much appreciate“Well in early IPv4 networks address classes were used to identify the number of bytes allocated to the network component.” Please note that a comma is needed here and depending on where you will place it the provided information will be entirely different.On the other hand, great explanation, I’m one step forward in understanding netmaskIn the process of simplifying, you over complicated the whole process.For decades I roamed the earth with the horrible awareness that I don’t grasp subnet masks and CIDR notations … 20 mins on this page and now it all seems so clear.
Consequently, the default subnet mask for Class B is

They can be best understood as the logical The implementation of good subnetworking can go a long way in the day-to-day operations of your current and potential customers.


This is either an Ad Blocker plug-in or your browser is in private mode. Please allow tracking on this page to request a subscription.Note: Firefox users may see a shield icon to the left of the URL in the address bar. Although these IP addresses are reserved, their actual use has never developed. You made it easy for us.real that’s wonderful calculations about /on submittingThank you for posting. Start fast. (Multicasting is a method of routing data on a computer network that allows a single or group of senders to communicate with a group of receivers). Worked Examples IPv4 addresses are designated by a 32-bit specification which is represented by 4 octets, or 8-bit units of digital information, ranging from 0-255.

Subnetting on a byte boundary is the easiest to do and understand but we can also subnet on non byte boundaries.

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IP address classes and subnet mask