american living in victoria bc

Several sports are well represented, with ice hockey, baseball, box lacrosse, soccer, and Canadian football keeping sports fans busy.Moving to a new city is always better when you know you have friends waiting and social activities to attend. Living in Victoria appealing — if not for the rain, John Cleese says ... or online from Sound good? The capital of British Columbia is a very livable city known for being a popular tourist destination, but also for its historic buildings, mild climate, natural beauty and gardens, a regional technology sector that has risen to be its largest revenue-generating private industry, and much more! Or you can take the BC Ferry from Swartz Bay to Twaassen then drive through Blaine and down to Seattle. With the local transit system consisting of buses and ferries, and a very bicycle-friendly road networking, navigating your way around the city from one place to the next is simple. We chatted at length with Liz Lane. When you arrive in Victoria, you’re likely to have many questions, from how to register as a resident to where to find language lessons. Also take a look at our groups to find like-minded expats who you can share your interests and hobbies with. Originally from London, England, she was now living in Victoria, BC. You’re warmly invited to join the InterNations community. In most communities, there are also monthly Newcomers’ Events especially for those who have recently joined the American community in Victoria.

Then let us welcome you into our Victoria Community today!When moving to a huge city such as Vancouver, InterNations made it easy for me to find fellow expats and the network that I needed.InterNations make networking in such a large city so much easier with their events and extensive information. Or you can go to downtown Victoria catch the Coho to Port Angeles and then do the longer drive to Seattle. Use InterNations to help settle in Victoria by reading our expert guides on housing and the job market, as well as learning from expats already at home in Canada on our useful forums.

With InterNations you can reach out, make plans together, and become part of Victoria's social scene as soon as you arrive.When moving to a huge city such as Vancouver, InterNations made it easy for me to find fellow expats and the network that I needed.InterNations make networking in such a large city so much easier with their events and extensive information. wondering if there are any bars in Victoria which will be showing your favorite baseball or American football team’s upcoming match or where to go in town for st■ turkey?There’s no doubt about it: compared to the skyscrapers of Vancouver, Victoria is a more laid-back city. Looking for advice from other Americans, e.g. When moving to a huge city such as Vancouver, InterNations made it easy for me to find fellow expats and the network that I needed.Hello and welcome to your expat community of Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, Canada. Take advantage of all the benefits your membership has to offer to ease your concerns and allow you to embrace the feeling of excitement as you move forwards. From sailing to spirituality, there is sure to be something for everyone!

InterNations makes it easy for American expats in Victoria to exchange experiences and tips to support each other. Our online resources are packed with a wealth of information and tips to help you find answers to your questions, like, "what education options are available to expats?". The Province, through BC Housing, has purchased the 42-unit American Hotel in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside for people who have been living in supportive housing and are ready to take the next step toward independent living. Within our international network in Victoria, there’s a vibrant circle of American expats from all regions of USA, including New York City, Los Angeles, and beyond.Attend our monthly events and join various interest-based groups to get to know like-minded expats and fellow Americans in Victoria.
Here at InterNations we aim to guide you through the sometimes daunting process of relocation with support and essential advice. Bert terHart set sail from Victoria, B.C., on a solo journey around the world nine months ago with just a pen, paper, charts and a sextant navigation instrument to chart his course.

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american living in victoria bc