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BQ2: "War is Hell" by The Warriors.

Look Back and Laugh.

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Building on the promise and fire of the band's earlier singles, Out of Step instantly became iconic for American hardcore, not to mention for the D.C. scene, for years to come, as well as any number of bands who conflated personal and social politics.

The album's harmonious marriage of fiery punk and pointed emotion laid a blueprint followed by virtually every hardcore band to follow, while the group's much-espoused clean living inspired a whole straight-edge subculture. Source(s): awesome question :) 0 0 0. Minor Threat was an American Minor Threat was an American Our list of the best punk albums of 1983 finds a bigger infusion of classic hardcore sides, as well as some buzzsaw guitars from the U.S. and U.K.

Minor Threat only released one album during their brief lifespan, but that's all it took.

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By 1985 the genre had already become a cliche'd parody of itself, Minor Threat had broken up, and other progenitors of the style had either moved on to explore different sounds, or else remained stomping around in the same angry circle.

main profile; ratings (272) reviews (0) lists (79) » Forum Profile. Not to diss other HC bands that came later who are perfectly OK, but few since have come close to the energy and anger of the originals. 717

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Minor Threat Songs.

The 1984 Minor Threat LP featured …

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