brumby cull protest

I’m sipping beer and eating a crispy sausage with my fingers, while a fire pit crackles with mountain ash, the embers floating up into the dark where that old chandelier – the Milky Way galaxy – dazzles down. If brumby sightings are down in a given week? “I didn’t realise how subjective science could be,” she muses. More than 1500 deer, pigs and wild goats have been shot in aerial culls this year, while fox baiting continues. We’re not going to stand for it any more.”We go for a walk the next day, and come to the ancient stockyard where farmers used to muster cattle and brumbies. Parks Victoria has agreed to delay until June 18 if Mr Maguire lodges an appeal by June 10. “We’re not gonna stand for it any more.”This is not specific to Maguire. The crowd of about 200 is 95 per cent female, which one woman at the rally attributes to Jill Pickering, 73, surveys the scene from her mobility scooter. HUNDREDS of brumby advocates opposed to a draft plan to cull wild horses from the Snowy Mountains will bring their protest down from the mountains and into the city, with a rally at NSW State Parliament on August 2.

“Could be a mass grave.”To some, particularly online, the reason for the cull is obvious: “Dictator Dan” is trying to drive all horsemen off the land in a shadowy scheme to sell public land for a ski resort owned by Chinese nationals. The brumby has long been a symbol of Australia’s high country, but as our wild horse population grows, it has become a political problem with one bloody solution.Locals look out for brumbies to rescue in Victoria’s Bogong High Plains.

"We've got a team of eight lawyers working on this altogether; four barristers and four solicitors. He comes to state forest areas like this in his spare time to go “brumby running” – chasing wild horses to domesticate and rehome. A brumby cull is coming. "We’ll continue protesting because we’re in a situation of feeling totally powerless," she said.Ms Pickering said her group was happy to discuss ways of managing wild horse numbers, but would oppose any attempt to wipe them out. Brumby brawl: Ministers at war over looming wild horse cull. "Mr Tilley said the decision should have been delayed until a University of Southern Queensland study examining brumbies in the alpine region was released.The Australian Brumby Alliance has described the decision as "devastating". “But we have that heritage, too.” Alpine science started in the 1850s with Baron Ferdinand von Mueller, and from there you can draw a research lineage through Alfred Howitt in the 1870s, Richard Helms in the 1890s, then Professor John Turner, who supervised David Ashton, who in turn supervised Williams himself.

"Aunty Rhonda, a member of the Community Advisory Panel, has researched claims regarding the cultural heritage of the horses, and disputes romantic notions that the animals are revered. “But see, there’s only two options for him now. “It was like taking a sledgehammer to a baby; like killing the last bit of the Barrier Reef.”“Being Australian to them is Vegemite, or a Holden car, or Bradman’s average. This plan to give wild horses sanctuary was his, and it brought me up here – as well as the ABC, the “They’ll have an uprising on their hands. She sees this as ideologically driven stubbornness, and it leaves her doubting the experts. “Being Australian to them is Vegemite, or a Holden car, or Bradman’s average. He can come home with me, or he can stay here and get shot.”This is not an exaggeration. “I’d drop him.”That has nothing to do with the brumby, of course, but up here grievances past and present grow entangled as one. "The moss beds and fens, high altitude wetlands and peatlands listed as threatened under both Victorian and national environmental laws are especially vulnerable to trampling by horses, and any other hard hooved animals," said Association's Park Protection advocate Phil Ingamells.The Liberal Member for Benambra, Bill Tilley, had wanted to see some of the brumbies on the Bogong High Plains remain undisturbed.He said the decision to cull the brumbies was based on flawed evidence.

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