bulu monster how to get phoenix feather

Please upload gym battles video specially mythic gymSaat menulis Komentar harus mematuhi peraturan dibawah ini :Alo Bulu Fans, Welcome to Ultimate Blogger. If you have any question, Please Answers (Closed) Answer from: pity Train them to level 20 for the first evo and to 40 …
Previous page Next page I then sent one to sleep and when i went to switch it put both of them to just roaming the farm. Just to save everyone time on questions and such...I have play this game for 3 months now but i cant find mythical monster i finished the last island their other island that i cam find a mythical monsters plz help me i cant Hey can some one tell me how to get passed volcano kingdom?

Step 1.

Please suggest.It's need a lucky.

We encourage you to create your account and help edit the wiki! Its killing me lol i only ever get in the top 10Can anyone help me out I'm trying to catch the chameleon from the first or second area(sorry bad memory)and the highest catch I can get is 15%. ( Diamond shape thing in your monster's info is Individual Value or IV of your monsters. ▼  Evolve into Thunderbolt at lv.20 and Thundrestorm at lv.40 Hallo Trainers In this guide I will introducing to you about the "Arena", Especially for new trainers You can access the &q... You can found them in yellow flashing tiles all over the maps.

If you did If making super antifires, you can also bring normal The best method for collecting feathers is to wear any variant of the There are several ways to get to the phoenix. Welcome to the Bulu Monster Wiki! In the game, you will see lines of 3 colors of dots, which you will match to sets in the decoding section. ) skill will enchance skill or adding new effect to battlefield.3. This feature is not available right now. Go in up the first steps then stay to the left. and Capture rate for 5 star monsters is 12% at maximum.Don't ever waste your balls to capture a random monsters because you will regret it later. Step 2. There is a glitch were you can't walk on the arrowsWhat is the use of sigma game nium item the greem oneWhat's happened after eastern end I'm unlocked in sleepy village and can't talk to the boyis isnt there another dragon type blue looking one and purpleThere is a dragon like that, just check the book.
) 1. The Fire Feather can be obtained again at the same spot on repeat expeditions. After get keystone and Fan, you must defeat the NPC to obtain Phoenix Ash. Legendary Cup. It's all about luckyU need 6 monsters of the same type (common,wind,water,evil, etc...) And u challenge the gyms in order from the first to last stage... Hope this helps...All of the above complete ur journey first and u can goI used 2 balls of 2% to catch 2 rockys, I think I'm lucky3rd stage "Rock Stage". 15:48 . write a comment below. 5 star monsters will appear in the map when you search a yellow flashing tile. How the fuck do you even catch these things? Sometimes I get a capture chance of 14% for some of those highly rare monsters. upon evolving into winnofly, all those defenses will drop but will be replaced by high atk power and awesome speeds. Monster Reincarnation somehow serves the same purpose as this card, the only difference is Monster Reincarnation return the monster to your hand while Feather return in top of your deck, regardless its a monster or a spell/trap card.

But it wud level up both at same time?!?!?! you can get 1 Ingredient for your Starter Monster. You must bring your best Monster Squad to win in LC, LC will begin every Thursday ‘till Saturday. So i'm quite curious about it. It let me put both in party and i went to graveyard and was battling.

It won't work properly if: the enemy has self-harming attacks and has used them; or if it has increased its own HP when you have hit its Acqua Shield; of if its type suffers additional or lowered damage from Evil attacks (which is curse's type).

But before you could enter the temple, you would need to pay 3 milkswhich would regenerate by 1 every 30 minutes or you could buy it for 30 each. Pokemon Go Mudkip to Marshtomp to Swampert Evolution Showcase Pokédex 258, 259, and 260 … Monsters which has a highest IV (6 diamonds) will have a better growth for it stat (HP, atk, def, spd) when level up.When you fight the same monster a few times, you will see that their health/HP is different right? ( In those cases, I use other strategies.wow thats great. Skills. Check my Video at 5 stars monster location, Firegon Section then you will see the megatle locationu can capture the beetle in one of the lower mission and then evolve into megatle.Dear owner of the game you should really make it so we're can trade monsters with your freindsI wanna know about that'potential' thingy.you see potential mean unrealized ability. In the end of event, you could trade all masterial to get Phoenix Feather. Now let’s try to understand this idea further by playing a game with monster DNA.

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bulu monster how to get phoenix feather