denny crane value of human lifeBig Brother fight

Where are the real comedy writers today? and now it is gone!As usual, the best of the best is being terminated after only 5 years, while the garbage seems to live on forever.

Its 5 year run was way too short!How can we get it back? My husband and I are over 50, very disappointed that our favorite show has been terminated. Maybe there is hope that BL will continue.Just wanted to say I would have preferred Denny to have adopted Allan would have been more dignified. Last night's "Boston Legal" series finale was a satisfying two-hour event built around two weddings and a takeover.

Reply Delete. The timing and interaction between characters was wonderful. Why are they taking it off? I can't understand why ABC would want to cancel such a great show. Loved all the characters, especially James Spader, and Candice Bergen. Denny Crane: Why? It will be missed by so many.I am a huge David E Kelley Fan and after losing Ally McBeal can't believe I'm losing his Boston Legal now. But I have purchased the DVD's for seasons 1 - 4 and am waiting for season 5 on DVD. ?I was sad when the Practice ended. This is by far the best. I hope so!Each week I cried during the balcony scene at the end - I was terrified that the season finale would leave me heartbroken - but no. .

I just started watching this show about a month ago - my husband kept trying to get me to watch it. But will live forever on DVD. And being as I love these two characters so much it seemed obvious to do something involving them. It was knee-slapping funny, and I immediately regretted not watching this series regularly. Perhaps that is why so many fans can relate to the show, the charactors are so superbly written and portayed by a cast of actors, you have that real person feeling. Fortunately, the final image will endure: Alan and Denny on the balcony, as always, this time arm in arm, dancing. It was only when I started watching it that I realised it was in fact the very last episode, period. We only started watching it a year ago and was sad to learn it was taken off the air. Life would be a real chore without it. I never had been a William Shatner fan until Boston Legal, and this show changed my opinion. Thanks to the actors and writers who made this show a delight to watch every week!I can't believe that they are taking the show off the air. It was my deepest wish that their banter would continue, and, thankfully, it's been magic ever since. Wearing black today.Truly great TV. I started watching Boston Legal when it first came to the UK. Will surely miss this one!Best show on the tube!

I hope someone gets their mind right and put this show back on with the same characters. How could they take the best show ever off the air? I applaud the anyone who had anything to do with this great show and I hoe that you all find great jobs on a BETTER network,After being an extremely loyal fan of the Practice, I hated to see it go. Going to miss it...Finally found a reason to watch t.v.

I have the DVDs but it is not the same knowing there will be no more. For Christmas, I'm hoping Santa brings me the DVDs of seasons 1-4 so that I can re-live the happy times shared with this great group of actors.

Love all the references to the show itself. The really sad thing is that I have been trying to convince my husband about the shows merits and he finally came around, only to watch the finale. Market better if you must - isn't that what you do?

I knew it was the last season. Always loved the 4th wall bits.

I'm tired of all the reality tv, etc. Like the many characters in the show that took up a cause they believed in, we need to do the same. Posted 15th August 2015 by driftglass.

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denny crane value of human lifeBig Brother fight