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Benton clashes with Roger over visitation rights for Reese. While attending to Cleo, who may have infected herself with AIDS-tainted blood, Benton tries to comfort his sister, Jackie (recurring guest star Khandi Alexander), whose yearlong grief over the death of her son threatens her marriage.Carter is overwhelmed by patients from a rock concert riot. Another Perfect Day . During the fourth season, Jerry accidentally blew up an ambulance with a grenade launcher; this led to a suspension from day turns by It was not until season 8 that Jerry was called back to work after members of the staff became sick. I deserve better" and getting him to leave, politely but permanently. But their arguments escalate as Greene's health deteriorates. Abby and Lewis frankly discuss their problems with Carter and Kovac, and the two men have a fencing match--literally and figuratively--that reveals much about their respective attraction to Abby.After a dominatrix, Medusa (Patricia Thielemann), inadvertently leaves a bag of sex toys in the emergency room, causing a few moments of hilarious but inappropriate behavior amongst the overworked staff, Weaver angrily orders Abby, Carter, Lewis, Kovac and Gallant to attend a day-long sexual harassment seminar. Finally, Greene and Rachel reconcile before he dies. Corday struggles with the desperate case of a young, abandoned boy with a rare and chronic disease.

TV Shows ER. She explains that she has been working nights so she can babysit her grandchildren. He then helps Weaver deliver the pregnant woman's baby. Frank exhibited a more traditionalist, conservative, When Jerry came back to work, he and Frank fought over politics, eventually coming to blows and injuring Dr. Chen by accident. Despite being a full-fledged doctor, he doesn't have any easier time. He returns several hours later, dazed and holding a scorched paper bag.

The episode crosses over with ER's sister NBC show Third Watch as Susan Lewis learns that her sister Chloe and niece Suzie are missing in New York City. TV Shows .

Brother Mark L. Gallant, M.S., 79, a Missionary of Our Lady of La Salette, died on May 13, 2020, at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, Conn. He spoke in defense of Morris to Banfield, explaining Pratt's death affected him harder than most. There, she finds a pregnant woman, Vicki lying injured inside a wrecked ambulance while live power lines spark. When Despite his personality, he does show a deep liking to other doctors, such as Archie Morris and John Carter. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Mekhi Phifer and Lisa Vidal guest star.Carter reads a letter from the ailing Greene to the emergency room staff and feels helpless when a terminally ill homeless man, Al Ervin (Paul Benjamin), keeps requesting Greene's help. Reporters surround the hospital, and police block the exits, prompting the restless victims to stage a minor riot in an attempt to escape the dangerous and stifling conditions inside. She continues to get away with wearing whatever she wants throughout her many years of service in the ER. Benton's former girlfriend is killed in a car accident. Despite Abby's efforts to prevent it, Carter has an uncomfortable encounter with the patient, Paul Sobriki who stabbed him and killed a fellow doctor two years ago. Benton finally quits County General, along with his girlfriend, Cleo, to work at a clinic that will allow him the hours necessary to care for Reese properly.On her birthday, Abby receives a few unwelcome surprises, including the news that Kovac plans to leave town for two months to work in Bosnia. When asked about where he's been for the past three years, he replied that he had been in "retirement." Benton finally quits County General, along with his girlfriend, Cleo, to work at a clinic that will allow him the hours necessary to care for Reese properly.As Christmas nears, Benton endures bouts of rage and frustration when the custody trial for his son, Reese (recurring guest star Matthew Watkins), reaches a critical stage.

With Anthony Edwards, Noah Wyle, Laura Innes, Alex Kingston. She later finds out that they were attacked by a fast-acting and lethal virus, and they have spread it to other students. Greene has a poignant reunion with his ex-wife, Jenn, and mediates between the staff and a stubborn but deluded homeless man, Al Ervin.

Obnoxious Pratt learns that he will be assigned to County General for his residency. Sergeant Swersky also helps with the situation.Extremely disturbed after receiving a traumatic call for help from her 6-year-old niece, Lewis rushes from Chicago to New York to search for the child. With the patient's life in immediate jeopardy, Greene is further tormented by Ian's refusal to let his family see him in his horrific condition.As Greene's medical problems reappear, Corday lives in a hotel room with the baby, angry at Greene for the way he dealt with Rachel (recurring guest star Hallee Hirsh) following the infant's overdose. Morris also undergoes brief therapy sessions after a hostage situation he was involved in, where the armed man was gunned down right after he gave himself up.

Carter copes with disappointing news regarding his ailing but headstrong grandmother, Millicent (recurring guest star Frances Sternhagen), who still intends to live an active life--even if it kills her. Chen is followed by a deranged man, Martin, the victim of severe psychological trauma. Years later in season 13 he was brought back into the show and resumed his position as a desk clerk on the staff of County General's ER. Timmy was one of the many special County General ER staff members that was in the show's 2-hour pilot episode. The patient waits for hours to be seen by a doctor before she has a stroke and dies. Directed by Jonathan Kaplan.

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