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We have a few weird "kinks" in our relationship, but...One girl's love of food hits new levels when she gets rewarded to get fatter.Each chapter is a different story containing different plots. Weight: 120 lbs Belly kink/weight gain/fetish fic; don't like, don't read. clothes with me today, if I just wear them you can wear my dress shirt!" B. Stiles wasn’t his biggest fan. Since he was born in Meteor City he was always alone and trusts no one.

Rin could hardly resist the urge to squeeze Miku's belly, It looked so good in the tight clothes she was wearing, Rin really has no idea how she was able to contain herself up until now.They both heard the school bell which means it was time for them to go back to class, Miku and Rin started running toward the nurse's office, it was quite hard for Miku to keep up with Rin's running speed, but they got there just in time, when they were standing in front of the nurse's office Miku was bending down and panting heavily, seeing Miku like this made Rin so flustered, Miku had always been an athletic person, at least she used to be, Miku could run for hours at an end and still not get tired, she was at the top of her class when it came to sports, but now just a short run from the locker room to the nurse's officer left Miku breathless.Just like what happened to Rin's brother, Len had also been very athletic before he started to gain weight, and now he can hardly run at all, walking already made Len tired, so there is no way he could run for longer than two seconds, who know, maybe Miku will follow a similar path.After a few seconds Miku seemed to have recovered from running so much, but while she was panting she stopped holding in her belly which made a few buttons pop open again, but she quickly started holding her stomach in again and buttoned the buttons up again.

Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance - Words: 4,316 - Published: 53m - Status: Complete - id: 13667219 Lev started gaining weight because of his unrequited love for Yaku. I said packing all my stuff. When you reach a chapter that hasn't been written yet, don't be shy... make an addition! That might make it easier to close the buttons. Rin had asked half teasing her, which the other didn't realize.

Honestly Miku is right, they are just one girlfriend who are being cute together, there was nothing sexual or kinky about it at all, it was actually very innocent.Before Rin could feed Miku the last cookie the bell rang, and they had to go back to class, Rin didn't even realize that so much time had passed, and then she remembered the cupcakes, Rin didn't even have time to feed Miku the four cupcakes she baked, but that doesn't mean Rin won't give them to her.Rin grabbed the four decorated cupcakes from her bag and gave the to Miku. today, so I didn't bring them with me." manipulated into gaining weightTheo knew from the moment he laid eyes on Stiles that he wanted him. But IT'S NOT! Kuro is a good kid on the outside but on the inside he's dark. "We didn't have enough time to eat the cupcakes and it would be a waste to just throw them away, so you should take them home with you. "It's time for me to go to P.E. "Now that I'm hearing that out-loud, the weight on my shoulders just f...Alfred is your boyfriend and he's a little on the chubby side but you love him just the way he his. "Two girlfriends sitting under a beautiful tree, and one is cutely feeding the other adorable homemade cookies."

Do you like to read stories of your favorite ponies being overweight? "It's really nothing," Rin said as she smiled up at Miku. she said in the most happy sounding tone of voice ever, Rin just blushed, Miku's smiled had always been beautiful but now with that round face and those chubby cheeks it looked even more beautiful, which Rin didn't think was possible.They started walking towards the gym locker room which wasn't far from where they were sitting, Rin was right, as they were walking nobody was able to see Miku's belly at all. Age: 13 Theo figured both desires were impossible to achieve…that was, until Stiles slipped up. I gained way more weight than I thought I would, I didn't even think it was possible to gain so much weight in such a short amount of time." But there's another string that ties their struggle...[2P!America x Fem!Reader] Undertale Weight Gain Story by FatUndertale.

Maggie Wolfe was a hot tempered, cranky, bitter, and loses her temper easily while in this squad. clothes and gave her dress shirt to Miku, Miku took it from Rin and started taking off her own dress shirt in front of Rin to put on Rin's dress shirt, Rin couldn't keep her eyes of off Miku's big round belly, when she came to school today she didn't think she would see something like this, but she's so happy that she did, now Rin was able to look at every part of Miku's belly, those snacks Rin baked for her really did a number on her body, Rin felt proud of herself. Between the adorable brown doe eyes or smooth pale skin, what was there not to like? (THE ART I USE IS NOT MINE. )Dan is insecure about his weight gain, the comments have been getting to him. yeah I am glad i foundthis page now i do not have to scan through your 800 or so story on your FanFiction to find the weight gain ones, keep up the good work. clothes." weight gain female created grandma's cooking Janet, a spoiled and bratty college graduate, moves in with her lonely Grandma in an attempt to escape her controlling parents while … Enjoy! class, so I have to go, good luck in there." FanFiction | unleash ... Lev Haiba Weight Gain. That'll all change soon enough. "They taste so good!" The 22 year Puerto-Rican hardly had problems throughout her life. It contains mature content and weight gain, viewer dicretion is adviced. Arthur wants the best for Alfie, so you guys (mostly you), convince Alfred to stop eating as much hamburgers and to lose some weight.

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