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He was never paid a cent in remuneration.With the Grevillea, ‘Robyn Gordon’ the industry finally had a native that bloomed all year round, was compact and rarely untidy.It was an immediate hit with gardeners and remains one of the better-sellers today.Both Grevillea ‘Robyn Gordon’ and Grevillea ‘Sandra Gordon’ have shared the title of “best-selling Australian shrub” on many occasions.The original Grevillea ‘Merinda Gordon’ unfortunately became extinct, however, Peter, Dave and Dorothy’s only son transferred the grevillea originally named after him to his sister Merinda.In 1969, Dave and Dorothy Gordon lost Robyn at only 16 years of age.Then, the boom in wool ended and Dave bravely tried to hang onto his sheep believing the good times would return – they never did.The importance of the plant collection at Myall Park was officially recognised as a botanic garden in 1984.However, tragedy once again struck Dave in 1985, when Dorothy was tragically killed.Merinda recalls sadly the toll this deep loss took on her father.The couple had always worked side by side – Dorothy forever supportive of the garden and Dave’s dream.Merinda returned home from Townsville to Myall Park to be by her father’s side and stayed for twelve months.“Their love for each other was so deep. Bred in the 1970s, it is still grown widely in Australia as well as overseas, one of the easiest to grow, wonderful flowers and a great bird attracting plant. Grevillea Robyn Gordon has most commonly been reported to cause allergic contact dermatitis/ bullous eruption. For a stately tree go for Grevillea robusta the grand Silky Oak. David Gordon was a plant collector with an extensive collection of Grevillea species which (according to legend) he …

They shared so much more than just the plants of the garden and dreams.

It is a chance hybrid that arose in the garden of the late David Gordon of Myall Park, Glenmorgan, Queensland. Grevillea ‘Robyn Gordon’ – a small growing shrub (about 1-1.5m or 3-4′ high and about 1.5-2m or 4-6′ across) with red flowers throughout the year.

For hedging an easy choice can be Robyn Gordon, Ned Kelly or Superb which all keep themselves 1-2m in height. For shrubs to small trees go for Moonlight with its moony coloured blossoms, Sandra Gordon-golden yellow or Honey Gem- orangey/yellow. Seed, however, seems to be set very rarely with these plants.

Just like the other grevillea types, this one prefers well drained soil and the full sun. Dad led the way for acceptance of Australian plants in the home garden – his new Grevilleas were heralded as the turning point in the acknowledgement of Australian native plants by the nursery trade. All of these cultivars are bushy shrubs with attractive lobed foliage. Hedera helix: Also known as common ivy. In 1969, Dave and Dorothy Gordon lost Robyn at only 16 years of age. Accordingly, care should be exercised in locating these plants in the garden - it would be best to avoid locating them where people would need to regularly brush past the plants and it would also be best to avoid planting them in school playgrounds.Propagation of all of these cultivars is fairly easy from cuttings. Grevillea Robyn Gordon.

A sunny, well drained position is preferable in the garden and plants are tolerant of at least moderate frost. Botanical name – Grevillea banksii x bipinnatifida ‘Robyn Gordon’Common name – Robyn Gordon Grevillea Description – A compact evergreen native shrub with long term flowering of deep red flowers through large periods of the ye Ironbark - Due to limited stock, delivery orders are limited to 1 ton per order per week. Dad would sit on the squatters chair on the veranda after Mum’s death and study botany books, he plunged himself more and more into his garden during this time, and it was his solace, his way of coping with such a terrible loss.”The Order of Australia was bestowed upon Dave in 1987, however, it was the increase of traffic through the garden gates that pleased him so much – botanists, artists, photographers, wildlife enthusiasts – others appreciating his garden in the bush as a special place.Dave also placed a great interest in waterlilies, and his work with other landholders is held responsible for saving the rare pink Undulla Lily (Nymphaea gigantea var.

Based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, my work takes me around the world uncovering new adventures, meeting wonderful people, exploring and then sharing these experiences through my writing and imagery.Looking for your next holiday? Very popular with …
The older cultivars ("Robyn Gordon", "Superb", "Ned Kelly" and "Coconut Ice" have proven to be reliable in a wide range of climates and soils and there is every reason to expect the newer forms to be equally hardy. Grevillea ‘Robyn Gordon’ One of the best know of all of the Grevillea hybrids, Grevillea ‘Robyn Gordon’ has certainly stood the test of time.

It seems to cross react with toxicodendron spp (poison ivy, rhus tree) Cross reactions: Cross-reacts with toxicodendron, anarcardaceae species including poison ivy, mango, rhus tree, etc. If you are a fan of gardens, there are more gardens to visit on your travels:I’m an international award-winning photojournalist, author of an award-winning book 4WD Treks Close To Brisbane and former president of the Australian Society of Travel Writers.

The Robyn Gordon Grevillea is one of the best-selling grevilleas of all time.

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