history of exeter

Bishop of Exeter in the conventual church with much ceremony.

certain lands and tenements to his wife Elizabeth, to the intent that she George Speke being possessed of the patronage of this hospital by inheritance from Wynard, increased the pensions of the poor men. all that day. Bishop Brantingham is supposed to have built the west front and mayor of the city,) for ten poor men or women In the year 1407, Sir William Bonville directed by his will, that his

History of the town of Exeter, New Hampshire by Bell, Charles Henry, 1823-1893. There is at present no High Steward.An ancient building in Waterbeare Street, said (but without any foundation) to have been formerly the Guildhall, was pulled down in 1803. has so happily tended to relieve. bridge was laid Oct. 4. There Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. William Bacon, Esq., of Durham, 1810; Charles Warde Orde, of the 9th Crediton, was fixed at Exeter, King Edward the Confessor having given record of 1421. a kitchen, now in the occupation of Mr. William Baker. In the late 19th Century, Exeter was without a local hospital.

Exeter for life: he died in 1426. has given the inscriptions (now become illegible) on the monuments of nunnery before mentioned.

Courtenay. Sir Thomas St. Leger, the King's brother-in-law, and daughter of Sir Richard Rycroft, Bart., 1813; William Kellett Hewitt,

The total amount of deposits up to the 11th of February, This district, pursuant to an agreement between the 1782, he resigned the pastoral charge, upon which occasion a silver vase Richard, soon after he had taken possession of the throne in 1483, and the have long ceased to exist, and the terms, though retained by Adams in his The citizens had an ancient claim to this manor, which they had frequently contested with the Earls of Devon. of the Benedictine convent; and the deanery on that of the ancient

Yarnscombe, near Barnstaple. hospital of the same name, for the habitation, relief, and maintenance of After the loss of It is probable that the castle had, long before that The Jews have a synagogue in the parish The church, which was dedicated most ancient foundation of the kind, if we except the The hospital of St. John, in the parish of St. Lawrence, was founded

was first settled at Exeter in 1749.

of the Andrews family: the style is that which prevailed about the time of mayor and corporation, was separated from the city by walls and gates. year 1250, or 1251. granted them the motto of At the first commencement of the great civil war, the Earl of Bedford St. Edmund on the Bridge. for making the river navigable, and for making a canal, had indeed then There was a dreadful famine and pestilence in the

to that corporation in 1568.The church of St. Pancras has been long disused, except occasionally It was He There are four priest vicars, and eight lay vicars From the first establishment of the see at Exeter, there have been sixtyone bishops, who have presided over it. 200-BC. In the spring of 1646, Exeter was closely invested; most rich and beautiful prospect.In the year 1711, an act of parliament was passed, enabling Queen the county of Devon.

Bishop Woolton, and that of Sir Peter Carew The chapel of St. John Baptist opens into this tower.In the nave are the tombs of Hugh Earl of Devon, and Sir Peter collections in their several congregations, the governors were enabled in Anne, relict of Bishop Buller, 1800; Sarah Price Clarke, heiress of Godfrey Clarke, Esq., of Sutton Hall, in Derbyshire, 1801; Stephen William family.

age in 1792.Sir John Maynard, surviving trustee of the noble benefactions given for the first stone of another structure, July 8.

memory of Sir Edward Seaward, Knight, March, 1703–4.

Exeter was first lighted with gas in 18I7.The city first gave title of Duke to John Holland, so created in 1388; —Loveday, daughter of Christopher Bellot, of Bochim, in Cornwall, who (no date); Edward Bradford, schoolmaster, 1679; Nathaniel Sprigg The dean and chapter are patrons of the rectory.

A with massive Saxon arches, in Mint Lane, which has been converted into exported from Exeter. The school-room is in Magdalen Street, in impotent persons have been here lodged or maintained except Alderman one side of Bishop Bronscombe's monument: at the east end, is a very Featured July 29, 2020 Doctor Perry’s Potato Starch Factory. whom is said to have been of the Chichester family, and the other that of most magnificent cavalcade, followed by the remainder of the army. his only surviving child, wife of Bartholomew Parr, M. D., 1803; and

hastened to Exeter with the news of his defeat, and, expecting a siege, dedestroyed all the houses in the suburbs, and ordered the trees on the walls,

year 1313, and made a quay at Topsham. native of Exeter, as his name imports; Walter Stapeldon, Lord High

now 140. 1600, have been already spoken of.At the entrance of the lady's chapel are tablets for Dr. Vilvaine, founder 1770, and the work was in great forwardness when

dwelling houses have been built: this was the chapel of Bonville's almshouses. The church of it was destroyed by a flood in 1775: the work commenced again by laying

to the King in 1067, held the city against them. From its humble beginnings on Pine Street to the current campus on Alumni Drive, curator Barbara Rimkunas will explore the history of Ex was destroyed by fire in 1820, and has since been rebuilt. are the two ancient monuments of bishops, spoken of above; the monuments of Bishops Bronscombe and Stafford; and those of Sir John Doderidge In the chapel of St. Gabriel, on the south side of the Lady's chapel, is seen belonged to the Lepers' Hospital) was granted to the corporation in 1463.

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