how to dm on discord without being friends

Ask your contact whom you want to chat on DM with to configure the necessary changes to their privacy settings. Check out the steps and share your experiences with us. The settings for the task are on available on available on Discord under your account settings. Discord is indeed an excellent platform for connecting with your friends, and we would assume the tips here should be one of the best options on how to DM someone on Discord without being friends. If the user is not on your friends list—then you need to share a server with them, in order to send them a message. Ensure that your new contact has configured this setting and then join the server.Well, if you need to DM someone on Discord without being a friend, it should be mandatory to join a server that the person is part of. Let your contact configure the options to allow the DMs from the members of the same server. This can be done through the following Setting on their Discord app. That would mean, the best option to DM someone on Discord without being a friend is to join the same server that has the person whom you want to send the message to. As simple as that!How to DM someone on Discord first of all? That should be an excellent option to communicate with someone who you do not want to add as your friend. So, that would be the end of how to message someone on Discord without adding them as your friend? You just need to click on the name of your friend you want to send the message to.The list of your friends will be divided into three categories – Well, that was how to DM your friends on Discord. Scroll through your friends until you find the one you want to DM and then click on the user you’d like to chat with. What is Discord DM? All the messages coming from anyone else than your friends are scanned.Write CSS OR LESS and hit save.

Yet another option you can message someone who is not your friend on Discord is to be on the same server that the person is on. If this setting has been configured by your new gamer interest, you can join the server that they are part of and send them a DM with ease. Of course, no one will configure the option to scan every message from everyone, but most of them would configure the second option.So, unless the person is not care-free and has configured the last option on the However, Discord does provide you with an option to send DM to someone without being a friend on the app. Swap to the “All” tab if you want to see all friends available on your list or keep it on the “Online” tab if hoping to message a friend currently online. Once you do that, you would get an option to send a DM to the person.

How to do it. This will let you DM someone who is on Discord, even without being a friend.The first step in understanding whether you connect with someone on Discord through Direct Message would be to know how the person has set up their account.

Well, imagine a situation where you have met someone on Discord. This option is used to scan all the messages that you receive. But how would you DM someone on Discord without being their friend? The Direct Message or DM option on Twitter is an excellent example to let you know the functionality. Required fields are marked Discord, if you are not aware, is a platform designed to help the gamers communicate with one another. But the basic question we had in the beginning stays. Turning this option on (the default setting) will allow anyone from any of your servers to send you Direct Messages without being on your friends list. Share your thoughts on how the experience went. If you are a die-hard gamer, you should be aware of what is Discord and what it does. You want to play a game with them; you aren’t friends as yet. Well, we do not expect anyone to configure the first option unless they are extremely cautious.

Joining a new server on Discord needs you to know the Server tag.Now that you have decided to join a server, here are the steps you need to follow:Once you have joined a server, you would find the list of members that form part of the server on your right side. It would be nice if we could send DM to people who are not our friends even if they do not have servers in common with us. That is precisely what can help you DM someone without being a friend. All the data shown above will be stored by onWe use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This option lets you join a new server. The best way to do that would be to find the Privacy settings that the person has set up on their account.You would find three different options to configure the message configurations.That should answer the question of whether you can DM someone on Discord without being a friend. You will only be changed for a new server that you join. You can send a DM to someone on the same server as you are on, even when the person is NOT your friend. Timmappa Kamat is interested in technology and allied subjects and loves sharing the knowledge through the tech-savvy websites as a freelancer. Once you join a server, you will find the list of members of the server on the right-hand side.

CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. You will not be able to change these settings on a server that you are already part of but can apply them on a server that you join newly. The messages from friends will not be scanned. That should clearly mean that you will NOT be able to send a DM to someone who is not your friend if they have turned on the first and second options. In fact, Discord lets you connect with other gamers when you are playing a game. on the left side of the app as in the above image. Among these options, you should find an option for sending a DM.That should be the best option to let you send DM to someone on Discord without being a friend. That is precisely why it makes it helpful for the members to configure which kind of messages you would want to receive.

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how to dm on discord without being friends