inotia 4 mithril

WEAPON GUIDE Short Sword Damage:2~3 bought for 50g / sells for 16g Long Sword Damage:3~5/bought for 300g / sells for 100g Orchish Axe Damage:3~8/bought for 1000g /sells for 333g Scimitar Damage:5~8/bought for 3000g /sells for 1000g Elvin Sword Damage:7~10/bought for … Fusion Machine Location: Hall of Afterlife (Yes, it's the same fusion machine that gives out the recipes for Class S weapons)

Chaos items will have an orange name, while the Epic Chaos items will have a red name. Apprentice Hunter Emblem. All items not made by the Fusion Machine should be moved to a separate page (eg.

Berkel Wiki . Conflicts and tensions begin to roam the world and destroy the peacefulness it once bears. As the player progresses, the fusion machines will give recipes to higher level (and quality) gear. So make sure you spend enough time doing missions and collecting money so you can unlock or purchase the best gears.And as you travel with your squad, gamers in Inotia 4 will have access to the extremely convenient Party System which introduces gamers to multiple options. Help us improve this wiki! Make sure to collect all the Unique Items recipes before proceeding to the next point in the game because you will not be able to obtain the recipes elsewhere.

Inotia 4: Assassin of. This costs money. Inotia has various weapons, Swords, Axes, and Javelins. Remember that this is the page for the Fusion Machine. Location of the fusion machine that gives the recipes for the group of items here.

If you have any additional ones to share with our readers, feel free to write them down in the comment section below.Copyright © 2005-2016 Game Guides All Rights ReservedThink Answers Chapter 2 All Levels, Tips, Tricks and Guide.

Although this next tips isn’t going to significantly shorten your playing time, but I do hope that you can go through the game without much trouble, especially for those who have just starting to play this RPG without tasting any of the previous titles.Here are some of the basic playing tips that hopefully could help you out in finishing the game regardless what class you choose as your main character:I hope that you find these tips and tricks for Inotia 4 helpful. Combines 3 jewels of the same type to make 1 of the next level.

Although it’s not actually a walkthrough of the game, but this tips will hopefully be more than enough to guide your journey in finishing Inotia 4 without having much stress. The next prob is i cant place any skill on skill slot.It sucks that only money, skill point and damage are modded and status point wasn’t. Now here’s a page where I take note of items in the game Inotia 3 that are of interest to me, and where I found them.

After previously writing the review for, Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel, I would like to share some tips or strategy guide in finishing this long and tiring game. ... Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Feel free to experience a completely new story with this new game as you’re introduced to the captivating events throughout your game.Find out more about this amazing game with our reviews.The game introduces gamers to the famous Inotian continent where the darkness and light are colliding once more. Fusion Machine Location: Noxious Sanctum Basement 1 Someone needs to confirm if there's a risk of destroying the item, not sure. Defeat all the intimidating villains who are threatening to corrupt the lands and stop you to pursue your journey.To make the game more intuitive and accessible, gamers in Inotia 4 are also allowed to make multiple changes to their in-game features. Inotia 4 1.2.5 MOD Unlimited Money. JavaScript is disabled. Embark your epic journey into the world of Inotia 4 with this amazing game from Com2uS. Popular In Last Week.

Each member in your squad features their own unique powers and abilities which categorize them in It’s recommended that users make uses of their powers and distribute the experiences properly so you can take on multiple enemies with ease. file_download. Select your preferred ones and enjoy the game without any difficulties.The game is currently free to play and will be ready for Android gamers to enjoy whenever they want. Someone confirm this: some unique items may be missing a stat or multiple stats entirely.

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Fusion Machine Location: Shadow Hall (At the beginning of the game)

moved to a page named 'Yellow Items', or whatever the proper name for it is). Together with the main stories, these sub-quests will help to explain some of the events in Inotia 4, therefore, giving you a better understanding.Collect prize and experience the stories in unique aspects as you understand more about the world of Inotian and what has happened after the disastrous events. 3.input name 'inven_p' 4.dont change the value just lock it.

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