little princess full episodes

Her target? Little Princess wants to skip her dancing classes when she gets bored of dancing like a butterfly. Little Princess is determined to win, but what song will she sing?After General and Maid have an argument, Little Princess tries to help them be friends again.When Scruff finds three little duck eggs, Princess must look after the eggs, which soon hatch into three very hungry and playful ducklings.When a flock of unfriendly geese drives Admiral from his pond, Little Princess sets about finding a new role for him in the castle.Little Princess and her friends are off to the seaside but are disappointed to find the beach empty, and worse still, it's raining.Algie visits the castle and is soon showing Princess how well he can train her dog, Scruff. Little Princess wants to go outside on a rainy day.

Waco Great Aunty has got borrowed teeth, baggy tights and a scritchy scratchy chin, and worst of all, the Princess is going to have to give her a kiss! When Little Princess and the Queen decide to swap roles for the day, it soon becomes clear that being Queen is not that easy after all. She searches the castle, finding all sorts of interesting things to sell, and soon has lots of happy customers. Little Princess I Want a Surprise Episode 6 Season 2 - YouTube But riding a bicycle isn't as easy as it seems.Little Princess just has to know what surprise gift is in store for her upcoming birthday, so she sets out to find its hiding place.Little Princess just has to win the prize for best costume at the fancy dress party, but each of her outfits is a bigger disaster that the last!When she hurts her foot on the way to the fair, Little Princess gets stuck at the castle. The youngster becomes determined to find a sister after seeing the Queen and Aunty having a lovely sisterly time together. Everyone in the royal castle seems to have a best friend. But when it's time to go, will she get Gilbert back?Little Princess tastes baked beans for the first time, and now she can't get enough. The young royal is making a gift for a special day at the castle but someone keeps decorating it while she sleeps. Little Princess is playing outside when a massive storm hits the castle, forcing her indoors. Episode 13 - Don't Want to Tidy Up Little Princess is fed up with having to tidy away her toys, so the King and Queen allow her to leave her room messy. Release year: 2006. I Want My Sledge - Little Princess FULL EPISODE - Series 1, Episode 30 Episode 33 - I Want a Go Kart.

Everyone, that is, except the Little Princess. Little Princess's parents seem to be discussing sending her away, but has she misunderstood the situation?

However, there is one big problem - she just can't seem to stay awake long enough! Other characters help her realize that just because you are a princess you can't always get what you want.

How will she find herself a pen pal?Princess tells Algie she's an ace ice skater, but when everyone comes to watch her, she must decide whether to admit that she exaggerated her skills.While having a sleepover at the castle, Princess persuades Algie to join her on a nighttime dragon hunt.Princess wants to become famous for doing lots of wonderful things so that she can have a statue made in her honor, just like her Great-Uncle Walter.Princess is delighted when Scruff finds a lost tiara, until she discovers it belongs to Maid. Still, Sara's hope and imagination prevail, and she finds the good in these circumstances.Little Princess and Great-Uncle Walter team up for the castle go-cart race.Little Princess wants to receive a letter in the post, but she needs to find someone to write to first. Select the sources you want displayed in the episode guide.

The princess doesn't want to miss anything exciting happening around the castle, so she asks her friends to call her right away if anything occurs.

A wealthy, precocious and loving child is raised in India, but sent away to a New York boarding school by her beloved father when he must go off to war. Little Princess starts collecting all sorts of different things when she realizes that everyone else in the castle has their own collection of stuff.

Little Princess is a British children's television series created by The Illuminated Film Company.Directed by Edward Foster seasons 1 - 3, Directed by Sue Tong season 4. Little Princess decides to become a cave girl so she moves into the garden shed. Little Princess gets a new swing, but she is not allowed to use it unless an adult is around. But best friends don't always do what they are supposed to. The central character – Little Princess – is full of energy, charm and questions about how the world works.

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little princess full episodes