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Later while on a subway Peter decides to take Gwen's advice to heart and begins to draw up designs for a new costume.Spider-Man is seen in pursuit of criminals carrying a truck full of plutonium (dangerous radioactive chemicals) through the city. Benjamin "Ben" Parker was May Parker's late husband and Peter's uncle. Unfortunately, Stacy was seriously injured by the beast, as it had impaled Stacy in the chest. arriving before the cops Spider-Man sees some criminals carrying boxes out of a van and so pursues them.
He is still currently house-sitting for Stan, and Gwen visits him frequently.The next day Spider-Man stops some car thieves and rescues his friend Stan Lee from a burning building. He warns Peter that with being a superhero, he will make enemies and that people (sometimes closest to him) will get hurt. Spider-Man helped administer the antidote to the remainder of the city, so Peter finally had time to relax with Gwen. However, His uncle As Spider-Man, Parker offers exhibitions of "soft power," or moral righteousness through leadership, seen when he attempted to persuade Parker's heroicness would ultimately be paid forward by other New Yorkers, who arranged cranes for him to swing on in order to reach the Lizard from activating the Parker often stutters, repeats himself and fumbles over his words, especially when speaking with Amazing Spider-Man Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Spider-Man: Homecoming is a 2017 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man, co-produced by Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios, and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing.It is the second Spider-Man film reboot and the 16th …

Upon being defeated by Spider-Man, Black Cat stated that she was transferred to Ravencroft until she was freed by Kingpin who had his doctors do a cross-species experiment in exchange for her services. Spider-Man eventually stopped Lizard and joined Captain Stacy for his last moments. Kraven reveals that he came to New York to hunt OsCorp's cross-species. Afterward, reports start to come in from the police that the RavenCroft Institute is under attack because of riots. Spider-Man (Peter Benjamin Parker) is a vigilante, who after getting bitten by a genetically enhanced spider, became a cross-species and enhanced himself. She dresses simply in a buttoned shirt and blue jeans, and often keeps her sleeves rolled up. After killing all of them, he chose to stay in the city and catch criminals. He asks Peter for help finding him but Peter refuses, unsure of what effects the transfusion would have, fearing another incident like with Connors. Aunt May Knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man - Duration: 2:35. homeless shelter in 2013, as a way to "find some light in the darkness"Despite the revelations of Martin Li's terrorist attack on a political rally, May continues her work at F.E.A.S.T, feeling that it is important while also having a hard time believing that Martin was capable of such an act. The two fight and Cletus are overwhelmed by the symbiote and dubs himself Carnage. Peter manages to catch her and professes his love for her, and the two agree to go to England together. Black Cat then shows up, sporting super-speed, and fights Spider-Man.

Peter heads off to fight with Electro having the upper-hand. Spider-Man collapsed from exhaustion and awoke to Connors' stunning realization: the key to creating the perfect antidote lied in the blood of the only person to successfully control his cross-species nature, Spider-Man. Aunt May tells Peter that the Daily Bugle News reporter Whitney Chang says that Dennis Carradine was been murdered, and that his leader, Herman Shultz and the Russian Mob has broken into OsCorp tower and that its mission is to steal OsCorp technology to protect themselves from the "Carnage Killer". Following the defeat of the Russian Mob and Schultz's gang, someone called the "Kingpin" begins filling in the power vacuum. Trailing lesser Russian thugs into an underground hideout, Spider-Man finds a map containing the locations of where the Russian Mob operatives were killed by the "Carnage Killer" and a poster for an anti-crime fundraiser held by Wilson Fisk. As Fisk arrives at the fundraiser, Peter speaks with him to obtain info about his views on Spider-Man, the "Carnage Killer", and the Russian Mob's activities. After saving the hostage, Spider-Man manages to get a description of the real "Carnage Killer". Peter then receives a voicemail message from Gwen, telling him that she was offered the job in England and was heading to the airport to fly there earlier than expected because of an earlier class. After stopping a shootout, Spider-Man meets Kraven who offers to train Spider-Man, telling him to meet at his loft. When Spider-Man refuses, Kraven leaves disappointed. May reveals on her deathbed that she knew Peter was Spider-Man for quite some time, telling him how proud she is, and how proud Ben would be, of him. Spider-Man tries to calm Electro down, but Electro then goes into a rage and attacks Spider-Man which leads to a fight across New York. Aleksei then attacks the city streets in the mech-suit, going by the name The Parker was later mentioned to have joined the Spider-Army to oppose the Inheritors on Earth-001. At home, Peter receives a call from Felicia (who now goes by the name of Black Cat), who stole Whitney Chang's phone. Peter and Harry find out that Fisk used OsCorp's money to pay Kraven. Later, Peter changes into Spider-Man and quietly subdues the Russian Mobsters. He then goes to Peter uses information left behind by his father to locate the video message Richard left. Peter raced back to Oscorp to administer the new and improved serum and narrowly saved Gwen's life.

Spider-Man eventually defeats Electro. In 2010, Ben was murdered, leaving May a widow.
For more background of May Parker throughout comic book history, see Marvel's Spider-Man Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After creating web-shooters using OsCorp's bio-cable, Spider-Man escalated from being a mere vigilante looking for revenge and taking out gang members to becoming a superhero protecting the City of New York. The Lizard, himself.

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