mythos meaning in greek

Word Origin a prim. The pattern of basic values and attitudes of a people, characteristically transmitted through myths and the arts. Definition: a speech, word, saying; a narrative, story . a fable NASB Translation fables (1), myths (3), tales (1).

Chemistry 101: General Chemistry These accounts seem way more plausible than scholars simply wanting to argue that “nobody could have been so stupid as to truly think gods lived on a mountain top,” or some such whiggish theorizing that imposes our notion reasonable upon peoples from other times.Furthering your remark about the scholars arguing that there was no stark distinction or transition between mythos and logos: I think this line of thinking is true, because, just as you say that there was no evidence to think the deities ever existed, I think Hume has done much to show the same of science’s bread and butter, that which we call “cause” and “causation.” Losing the personification of these deities as causal connections did not undo them altogether; we simply no longer referred to them by human first names, rather, we began calling them “laws,” which is, itself, a theological idea.Nice article.

There is another old word 'muthos' meaning 'fable'.

There is a Greek word 'Mythos' meaning 'thought or story'. History and Etymology for mythos.

Mythos is a Greek word meaning "story, legend, plot" 0 1 0.

Sign in. Try it risk-free for 30 days Under “logos,” the highly personalized worldview of the Greeks became transformed into one in which natural phenomena were explained not by invisible superhuman persons, but by impersonal natural causes.However, many scholars argue that there was not such a sharp distinction between mythos and logos historically, that logos grew out of mythos, and elements of mythos remain with us today.For example, ancient myths provided the first basic concepts used subsequently to develop theories of the origins of the universe.
Western Europe Since 1945: Certificate Program The terms “mythos” and “logos” are used to describe the transition in ancient Greek thought from the stories of gods, goddesses, and heroes (mythos) to the gradual development of rational philosophy and logic (logos). 3.

The very first concepts of “cosmos,” “beginning,” nothingness,” and differentiation from a single substance — these were not present in human culture for all time, but originated in ancient myths.

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The former is represented by the earliest Greek thinkers, such as Hesiod and Homer; the latter is represented by later thinkers called the "pre-Socratic philosophers"…

It is the first of the six elements of tragedy that he gives. If you take those away (along with the “regulative” ideas of reason) then you’d probably be correct.”I think Socrates summed this up best when he admitted to knowing nothing – i.e., all knowledge (and thus logos) is based upon mythos…Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Sociology 101: Intro to Sociology Where did the Minotaur live?

However, as time went on, Greek thinkers became critical of the old myths and proposed alternative explanations of natural phenomena based on observation and logical deduction. That does not leave out the notion that “a new mythos” is desperately needed today…Thanks for your comment. For quality to be completely arbitrary could lead to a conclusion that science is arbitrary by extension, especially if it is the case that intersubjectivity is in no way different than a conglomeration of subjective perspectives, as Kuhn (qua extension of Kant) seemed to maintain.In the broader scope of this blog post, if such a conclusion that there is no objectivity, only intersubjectivity, and that intersubjectivity is reducible to subjectivity, then logos is mythos that is dressed up in a sort of Occult philospohical mentality, with cryptic symbols, it’s own supposed “secret knowledge,” and the whole nine yards.Yes, I love Pirsig’s book – especially the discussion about “ghosts” and “gravity”…“In the broader scope of this blog post, if such a conclusion that there is no objectivity, only intersubjectivity, and that intersubjectivity is reducible to subjectivity, then logos is mythos that is dressed up in a sort of Occult philospohical mentality, with cryptic symbols, it’s own supposed ‘secret knowledge,’ and the whole nine yards.”Kant’s philosophy is held together by teleology (i.e., purposiveness) and Providence.

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