package delivered to wrong address and they won't give it back

The payments on the contract were also broken up between the initial loan and an additional payment for payment protection.

Have them pick it up and deliver it to the proper address. Is it even possible for me to get my package back now?But to my surprise and ease, after waiting an extra business day for my bag to be delivered, it was delivered.However, you may want to contact your local USPS post office at once if you experience a situation like this.

I am not keeping the packages, I am not throwing them out, I will deliver them to the correct person’s address this weekend and let them know what happened.I had a package shipped to me (correct address), but the contents was for someone else and did not include what I had ordered.

If you receive an invoice payment for unsolicited goods, you can ignore it You can also write a letter to clarify the situation and establish your rights. Had previously disputed the transaction with the credit card company to no avail. You’re certainly not the first person this has happened to and you certainly won’t be last.To be on the safe side and as a responsible person, the first thing you should do is let your post office know about the wrong delivery. Wish I didn’t have to say this, but since its not the norm, thumbs up.The packages were delivered by “Logistics” delivery company - shipped from Amazon FBA. It’s better if the sender calls or visits the post office in person and informs them.The USPS will note down a complaint and immediately try to retrieve your parcel if it was the delivery guy’s mistake or if the mistake was at their end in any way.In most cases, the USPS shall locate your parcel and retrieve it. They have my address and a different person. I have tried to contact the person I sent it to, but they don't answer me. They didn’t even tell me. Try one of the things we’ve asked you to and chances are that your problem will solve. i have hurt my back and foot and i am unable to drive the car to return it. I don't know a great deal about the law relating to theft however, if it can be shown this chap has taken receipt of the parcel - as he has signed for it this would be fairly easy to prove to some extent. When we started to receive letters telling us they had not received the payment on the 22nd we contacted them to let them know that the direct debit was set for the last day of the month. but they are refusing you dont need a lawer just yet take all the info you have to the police as they admit to having the goods it is theft After having to repeat everything I was saying, I told her I would take the packages to UPS myself and she said that wouldn’t work since I don’t have a label. How can this be possible if the insurance had been closed. They should retrieve the package and redeliver it. Did I not enter the correct address? I suggested he try typing it into Google - I have done this many time for friends.I just had the same thing happen twice in the last two years. It’s better if the sender calls or visits the post office in person and informs them.

So you’re saying Amazon just tells you to keep it? Here is an update: I called Amazon again this morning to see if they are sending the Logistics driver back to pick up the packages they delivered to me. And, No.How to Choose the Best Local Couriers Service for Your Business NeedsWhere In The Warehouse Is Your Next Delivery? But I called back one more time to make sure and got a different person.

However the name on the electonic signature isnt the persons living there, so all that i can imagine is that its been sent to the wrong address. A FedEx customer service representative said there is no fee to retrieve the package; however, you will be responsible for paying any fees associated with shipping the package to the correct address. This didn’t make sense to me. The address on the package could be for the homeowner or not. She told me UPS had delivered the packages for Amazon Logistics. We unfortunately took out a secured loan in 2006, the loan ends this month. It was a very frustrating call because I had to repeat everything I was saying, the lady just didn’t understand what was going on. so i have asked them to either collect it or extend my current discount for 1 more week. The 1st time this happened the box just sat there for 6 months - then I just donated it since it felt wrong to keep it. She gave me the same solution - either keep the packages or throw them out and the then the BUYER would have to CONTACT Amazon to let them know they didn’t receive their packages, and Amazon would have to refund them. If you’ve jumped through all the hoops and still can’t get the package back to the owner, it’s all yours!Looking for a reliable, helpful courier company to take care of all your shipping needs Copyright © 2020 Maryland Messenger a Need It Now Delivers Company - All rights reservedIf A Person Gets A Home Delivery By Mistake Can They Keep It? Suggest them to get in contact with the shipper or send the package back to the shipper. I got frustrated and hung up and called Amazon again, to get a different person to speak to. Both situations considered, in case of USPS delivered to wrong address or even if the tracking status incorrectly says delivered, issues like these happen all the time.There is a chance for a lag in delivery time from when the package tracking status says delivered, to when USPS notifies you to pick up your package. Like any normal person, my mind flipped and I started thinking of the worst possible scenario. I assume the labels were switched. I walked around the neighborhood asking if anyone new them, googled their name to see if I can find where they live but to no avail. To my surprise when i spoke with the a few months ago they told me i had a off schedule balance. they hardly ever answer the emails or phone calls. Suggest them to get in contact with the shipper or send the package back to the shipper.

Yes. I asked her for a reference number for our call and she said there isn’t one, but gave me her name of “Melissa”.

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package delivered to wrong address and they won't give it back