rage valley kingdom rush

Sheep can't be blocked, and will run through your defences and take your lives!Pretty much the same strategy as the main game then.No, you still spam Teslas. In key strangle points a good tactic is to double up your barracks. If you’re more content with with playing a hacked version of the game with unlimited cash and faster spell cooldown’s, hit up this Soldiers usually just stick to their barracks until a bunch of ugly baddies get a tad too close to their home base. If you find yourself being overwhelmed and your barracks soldiers about to die you can upgrade them mid-battle so they are instantly retrained and tougher with full health.Reinforcement soldiers aren’t really worth anything when it comes to health.

Magic bypasses all types of armor, which helps deal some worthy damage to well-protected baddies. if you were to plan you endless mode set up, how would you desire the battle field layout to be? To bring them down, kill the ones from the right with a fully upgraded meteor. This rage valley is hard as hell. Also teslas are not realy good for aoe damage, and not god for regular damage either.I disagree. I am very disappointed with this attitude. The one on the left can be stalled by reinforcements –and hopefully, they will get targeted by a mage tower or caught in ranger tangles.After clearing all the waves, players will have to face off Vez’nan, the final boss.
They do... FANDOM. If anyone has any other setups, it'd be great if you could post a screenshot of it.what are the empty enemy slots at the last page of the enemy almanac?It's Moloch/Myconid (depending on which version you play).Managed to get to wave 46 amazingly and i started it off just spamming mage towers in the middle/top of the map... No gnome items either :3 (im saving up to get looooaaads of coins and thrash them all from the getgo you see) i reckon the artillery is what really saved my bacon, they worked a treat against the goblins and my hero Oni has saved my ass so many times with his aoe attack.Paladins, Tesla, Socerers and Arcane. This enemy first spawns as a small mage with powerful spells (do not bother with troops, he will instantly kill them). DO NOT USE POLYMORPH! When those enemies are on the way, your soldiers early entrance on the battlefield will keep your forts safer.If there is a huge group of enemies, use the reinforcements to separate them so it will be easier to attack them. Also, the Musketeer to the very left could be replaced with a Sorcerer, and the closest Sorcerer to it replaced with another Tesla. I only got to 27k without using boosts but then again it was my first time playing it!My high score for Rage Valley is 40 waves and 172,313 score. I know this version is really old but I thought I would share it. For the King! Rage Valley is the first Endless Challenge stage in Kingdom Rush. 6 posts • Page 1 of 1. Barbatians are terrible oll. 45 waves in rage valley with only 1 fat boy! Kingdom Rush involves a ton of medieval magic management and orc smashing. 610 Pages.

Another way to deal with a high concentration of enemies is by upgrading your dwarven bombard tower to dwarven artillery. That's the game strat after the Wastes.My best is 333K but that is still using the child wand a number of times. Also, Rangers don't stack well together, whereas artillery or barracks will. Board index Ironhide Games Kingdom Rush; ULTIMATE RAGE VALLEY SET UP. Here's ten tips that will fend off mystical warriors and nab more points. These levels are part of the original release of the game. but thx fr the suggestion ealwing. 38.

CastleGames.co also encountered the final level of The final stage of the game, naturally this is also one of the toughest. As those hideous orcs make their way towards on barrack, they’ll get swarmed by the once that are close by.

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