super wings season 4 episode 1

She's even discovered one of her own and has made up a story about it that she is going to tell to her friends under the stars.

The staff proves tricky to use however, and it's soon up to the Super Wings to help save the show!A boy who lives on Mont Saint Michel in France wants to build the biggest and best sandcastle ever. How will Jett, Noah, and Iulia save the day?

When a snowstorm threatens to cancel the play, Jett and Donnie are assisted by a new Super Wing friend, Crystal, a snow plane. Unfortunately, he is trapped inside and cannot get out. Kirsten learns that it takes more than a wig to be princess.A girl in Bogota asks the Super Wings for a spray- painting drone to help her take part in a mural contest.

"Super Wings" is an action-packed preschool series about an adorable jet plane named Jett who travels the world delivering packages to children. He created a big and tall layer cake that needs decorating. She wants to dress up as the famous princess, Rapunzel. The twisty turny, steep streets of Cusco turn out to be too difficult for the Super Wings to navigate and Jett calls World Aircraft for help. Jack wears it to an Air Show competition starring his favourite plane, Thunder. Discovering that the last chapter is missing, the Super Wings help her find the author. Jett joins Anders on a camping trip with his Dad that takes a strange turn when beavers disrupt their campsite. The treehouse is a success but a melting glacier causes a flood of the nearby river and the Super Wings have to think fast to save the day - and the treehouse.A young boy named Maxim in Kazakhstan gets Jett to bring him a package of Kazahk doughnuts so he can give them to his mom, an astronaut who is traveling to the moon; when she blasts off without them, Astra's Galaxy Wings is called upon to help.When a toy jet gets blown off course and becomes lost in the Everglades, an impossible place to find anything, it seems like the young boy who owns it will never get it back; Jett calls Mira's Wild Team for assistance.A young girl named Tess is excited go to Schiphol Airport in her hometown of Amsterdam, where she will be going on her first airplane ride; Jett brings her a carry-on suitcase, but trouble arises when it goes missing.A mishap clogs a hot spring in Nagano, Japan, causing several new hot springs to appear; Donnie's Build-It Buddies turn the calamity into a great new water park for both people and snow monkeys to enjoy.A virus disrupts a computer that is needed for a popular webcast that a girl named Yuna in Busan, South Korea, does with her father; to get the live stream back up and running, Jett and the Galaxy Wings go into the computer and vanquish the virus.Three Filipina sisters named Trudis, Judith and Analyn ask Jett to deliver some mics and a stand so they can participate in a singing concert; when they are late setting out for the concert, it's a race against time to get them on stage.Jett flies to Battambang, Cambodia, to deliver a duck whistle to a girl named Solyna so she can help her parents herd their ducks into a truck; when the ducks escape, Sky scrambles Paul's Police Patrol to help track down the waddling wildlife.Jett delivers new basketball shoes to a boy named Manu in Spain who hopes that the shoes will allow him to dunk; when the shoes don't work, Jett and the Galaxy Wings take Manu to Mars, where the lack of gravity should allow him to dunk like a champ.When a girl named Louisa in Germany goes to visit her favorite amusement park, she's sad to learn that it is being closed forever; the Super Wings work to give the park a makeover and a whole new lease on life.Grand Albert's Telephoto Transformer is mistakenly delivered to a boy named Marcel who lives in Paris. It's for a girl named Alice who wants the dress for a play she is starring in called "The Snow Princess". It's Christmas in Australia, Jett and Nicole decorate for Christmas, but Santa Claus and his reindeer get tired. Jett is an adorable plane who travels around different cities in the world, delivering packages to children. Mini Monsta - … All five of the big Super Wings are deployed from World Aircraft for this one!A Dad in Brazil orders a special explorer's outfit for his son so they can explore the Amazon Rainforest together and to show his son that there's more to life than just playing on his portable video game console.

Second, after Jett saves Brigita's cat Lucy, he ended up in a secret room that was part of the story. Andere Amazon-Websites können Cookies für weitere Zwecke verwenden. Ali wants to play in the snow, despite that there is none in the Riley is directing a film called "Alien Monster from Planet Cool" and wants Jett to be in it. 슈퍼윙스 Chinese超级飞侠 Genre Animated Children's Educational Preschool Created byGil Hoon Jung Written by Anne D. Bernstein Young Woo Kim Jung Jin Hong Pammy Salmon Directed byJin Yong Kim Voices of English version Luca Padovan J. L. Mount Junah Jang Colin Critchley Gary Littman Emma Fusco Evan Smolin ComposerSeung Hyuk Yang Country of origin South Korea China United States Original languageEnglish No.

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super wings season 4 episode 1