tempted episode 1

I'm amazed after watch Do Hwan, Ka Young, and Min Jae chemistry❤ Like what others below have mentioned, the three musketeers are dark people who need some light in their lives. But after half episodes, she really looks like an opportunist in love triangle story. Being together whether happy or sad times.. and share. Sure, it's cliche and a bit predictable but personally I enjoy those types of dramas. Woo do hwan Is so handsome btw i think i’ll melkt when looking in hi eyesAlso, as much as I like Joy, I believe they should've chosen a more experienced actress that knew how to express emotions well. You say that Taehee's character isn't needed in this drama? SJ realises also, omo, she lost both SH and her status to TH However he is in love with Tae Hee more due to certain character (in this drama I think she resemblance his mother character that he misses so much - loving and not afraid of showing love) TH's like SH's fire. A Different Drama ... Story ... I like the tahee and sihyun relationship.they looks sweet and good togetherFirst of all, I love the casting of the actors and actresses.

And back than, Soo ji is the most hurt. Eun Tae-Hee is suppose to be that character perfect student, boring and skeptical of love. He started to look at his life more seriously. She will plot a new bad thing for Shi-Hyun had Tae Hee to break up as she doesn't like loosing. Some parts I cringed a lot because her acting was just so bad. It is written all over her face and shi hyun also flirts with her( not just a mere flirting but he even asked to get married) ... Now is there any girl whose heart won't flutter? !The point is, she has no strong charima yet as first lead. This most likely doesn't apply for everyone but there were times while watching the episodes where I was confused about what was happening but I was able to get it cleared up sooner or later.
Shi-Hyun has mix feeling of his crush and his new love. I can't understand why people hate Sooji so much when all she has done is trying to keep what she has. Probably thats why some people say there wasnt much of a connectiom between wo do hwan and joy... it simply wasnt time to develop their relationship because the whole story was around why his mother died who was his father shagging when his poor mother was in hospital... i could even feel sorry for them. No hate to her personally, just her acting. I just wish Joy, Woo Dohwan, Moon Kayoung and all the cast a great success for this drama. Well yes her acting is not yet as good as the other actors but it still looks natural and suit her innocent character in the drama actually. If i were the writer i would have put a bit of melo into it but not so much that it transforms into a hot mess.Joy’s acting was okay, but just a little stiff, but maybe bec thats her first acting.. but overall i recommend this ! Joy is doing better episode by episode

I definitely believe this drama deserves a chance.Also hate the way Si joo treated Se Joo, he deserved betterEventhough the main couple’s relationship is on off everyweek which kind turn off for me, but i still watch because of woo do hwan’s emotion and ship them, i like the happy ending for them but felt something missing tho.. i really ship sejoo and sooji and happy for them as they got together at the end, it just kind of sad that no scene the trio happy together even i know sihyun still care for them as he disclose sejoo’s address and he even build a place where i think the trio can be together(small cafe for sejoo,art gallery for sihyun and the music chamber for sooji)..The ending should be extended a little more for trio to show the strenght bond of the bestfriend,,well, i just my opinion..Anyway, good work for the team and wish them very best for the next project.. Fighting doohwan, joy, gayaoung and min jae,, joy acting might not be good but to me not so bad either, so keep it up joy.. should take more small role to improve to become a best lead one day... sorry for my bad english..my last word for the writer..do us a favor and make a happy endingBut honestly, the actors will be clocking up some solid experience in emotional acting after they've done filming this.WOO DO-HWAN is a phenomenal actor, but his acting was overshadowed by the awkward lines and scenes. Overall, if you enjoy a drama that has characters with interesting personalities, actors and actresses that have great chemistry and a cliche, romance plot with scenes that make you go "awhh" then I recommend this drama. I don't like joy's character, I feel like she is breaking their friendship ( that all of them cherished the most) huh!! Plot wise, I think this drama is going quite well, it's addicting to watch and the actors are doing a great job representing their characters. I skipped 85% of the drama and only watched the parts where the young ones were and just skimmed through detailed overviews of the episodes so i could understand better. I've liked WDH since Mad Dogs. She's powerful, cunning, and crazy. A Fabulous drama in Kdrama after awhile She actually cares for her friends through her considerate actions towards Se Joo and SH. Kwon Shi-Hyun has always have a crush in Soo-Ji . It's the first time that I'm watching a drama or a movie of him If they fall in love as she is afraid that Shi-Hyun will leave her as he said everyone that she love will go away. Ki Young, Soo Ji’s first love, makes snide remarks about the surprise announcement, and Se Joo stands up for her. Just follow the story. In love this is what we need. She is self centred, an attention seeker and very very selfish.

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