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She snaps and says: "What the hell has that got to do with you? he says, clearly in shock. Here's why you soon will be

Tessa is then arrested for harbouring Ciarán. Tensions reach boiling point on Fair City tonight as Farrah almost comes to blows with Tessa over Carrigstown kidnapper Ciaran. Farrah was previously in a relationship with Ciaran and was pregnant with his child but lost the baby.When Emmet, who was also previously with Farrah and is the father of her son Fionn, finds out Tessa has crossed paths with her, he is relieved that Farrah did not recognise her.However, Farrah eventually thinks Tessa looks familiar and questions her at the shop counter, asking whether they have met before. As Katy pleads for her life after being tied up, Yates finds a clue as to the location of Ciarán’s squat from Rose.

Tessa is worried about his state of mind, telling him: "You're scaring me." Louise Bruton's week in TV: Kathyrn Thomas's home comforts offer a break from American follies In Tuesday's Fair City, Farrah confronts Tessa about Ciaran, telling her: "He thought the world of you, it destroyed him thinking that you were dead. She tries to buy some time to get help but it is to no avail. "Later, Farrah becomes suspicious when she sees Tessa in the company of Emmet's stepfather, Eoghan.Knowing about Farrah's temper, Emmet tells Tessa she is better off staying away from her.Farrah becomes further troubled when she learns that Tessa is now staying in Ciaran's apartment.Farrah is shocked when her suspicions are confirmed and she questions why Tessa is really there.Elsewhere, Emmet is uncomfortable when Tessa wants to talk about Ciaran and tries to see the good in him, despite all the hurt he caused.Emmet, who has been trying to bond with his son, instinctively protects him when Farrah confronts Tessa about who she really is.Ciaran's fate was left open-ended when the kidnapper fell off a pier and vanished without trace after having kept teenager Katy as his hostage for 13 months.Actor Johnny Ward, who played Ciaran, previously told how he hoped the character would eventually make a return one day.RTE spent almost €440,000 on hair and make-up last year, it has been revealed.My wife and I have sent letters at various times to Mary Kennedy and Anne Cassin to congratulate them and their team on Nationwide, which we believe is a smashing little programme. Tessa responds by telling her she is in town visiting friends.Farrah realises she saw Tessa with Emmet but the girl does not appear eager to talk to her.Tessa decides to broach the subject of her brother and says: "You used to know Ciaran Holloway quite well?

Things are finally coming to a head - but there's been no clues as to how the plot will endGet all the very latest news in Ireland straight to your email every single dayFair City fans have been glued to their seats for the last twelve months waiting to see the moment Katy O’Brien finally escaped from Ciaran’s clutches.And while there’s plenty of speculation that the long-running storyline will finally be reaching an end, there’s been no clues yet as to how she - and now her brother Emmet - will finally see the Carrigstown sun again.We’ve taken a look at six possibilities as to how the Fair City kidnapping plotline could come to an end….Katy's been locked in a plush-by-comparison apartment for almost a week now after being moved from the workshop in last Sunday's double-header.And while fans have been left fuming that there has been no resolution to the storyline just yet, it would definitely be easy - and anti-climatic - for her to just stroll out the front door.Especially now that she's got the tape around her arms chewed off.But this would also be leaving poor Emmet in the lurch, and possibly lead to a SECOND kidnapping plot, so we're not too sold on this idea...This whole mess began after Katy hightailed it to Galway after confronting mum Debbie about her affair with Tommy - and she failed to return for her exams a number of days later.But what if something else had happened to poor Katy? After Ciarán is revealed to be the mystery buyer of Tessa's apartment, he befriends Alex in Wednesday's episode of Fair City. Tessa struggles to keep things normal for Fionn and Eoghan and Eoghan misreads her explanation of Ciarán to Fionn. Inside the Bruderhof preview: This frustrating look at a radical religious group lacks real bite

Not hooked on 'Selling Sunset' yet? Jake feels helpless as Farrah shuts everyone out. Fair City fans are heartbroken after Will reveals he's leaving Cristiano "Oh my god, Tessa?" But generally speaking of "little" programmes, nothing is expected of them and very little is delivered. Read More Related Articles. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer.

Gay Byrne on the quiet joy of a smashing 'little' TV show, Mads Mikelson, and a chance encounter in the street Fair City fans have been glued to their seats for the last twelve months waiting to see the moment Katy O’Brien finally escaped from Ciaran’s clutches. Tessa and Emmet reconnect on Fair City This week on Fair City , Tessa agrees to let Charlotte stay and resolves to get on with her life. You can unsubscribe at any time.Emmet is shocked to discover Ciaran is the one keeping his sister imprisonedCiaran attacks Emmet and accuses him of destroying his life Katy gives Tessa a taste of Ciaran's medicine on Fair City This week on Fair City, Rose continues to think someone is in her room, and later catches Ciaran in … 'We all wear our masks to the shops and sanitise our hands in the scenes' - how Fair City will reflect pandemic life as coronavirus is written into revamped soap

"Emmet, it's been a while", she replies. Nora is concerned on Fair City as she believes Robbie's life is out of control Fair City, Eps 165 TX - Thursday, October 10th Katy spits at Tessa L-R Katy - Amilia Stewart Eoghan - Alan Howley Tessa - … Emmet can't deal with things anyone, screaming at her to leave him alone. As a result, Tessa- who is played by Mary Lou McCarthy- is bewildered when Alex tells her he met her prospective buyer and she is left shocked to find Ciarán in the apartment.

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