us m11 gas mask filter

or Crown lost or didn't renew it's contract with the US Gov?One other thought is the gasmask were being made by the majority of the auto tire companys of the time GOODYEAR, BF GOODRICH and so on so why not have them make the filters as well? He won it by making the other poor, dumb, bastard die for his country" George Pattons speech to the Third Army.I wish it were mine! / 60mm

Heavy Decontamination Crews, Chemical Stockpile Inspectors and Handlers, and EOD Personnel used the mask from its conception in the late 1940s until the early 1990s as a part of the ABC-M21 Rocket Propellant, M15 Compressed Air Breathing, Toxicological Agents Protective (T.A.P.) rubber Facepieces, dated as late as 1952. The outlet valve of the mask was isolated in a double-walled pouch that vented the warm, exhaled air back into the hood while a watertight zipper allowed the user to remove excess moisture and blocks of ice formed from the condensate. The time needed to don the mask was, however, slow (31.5 seconds for the M7-A, and 25.6 seconds for the M7) due to the rolled opening gusset taking up time, and additionally, the non-reflective butyl used on the M7-A was tackier than the shiny rubber coating used on the M7, owing to greater friction as the mask was pulled out. Up for sale are unopened M11 gas mask filters. The setup consisted of M9A1 Mask, M11 Canister (Special-Purpose Designated Production after 1980), Special Purpose M11 Carrier (Special-Purpose Designated Production after 1980), M3 Hood, M3 Impermeable Coveralls, Impermeable Gloves, M2A1 Boots, M1 Overboots, and Chemical Protective Undergarments.

Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts. Our Masks are Reusable, washable, and All Weather. An M9 Field Protective Mask with early C48R1 Facepiece (Left) compared to the older M3-10A1-6 Lightweight Service Mask. As the M9 series masks began getting phased out by the mid-1960's, as too did the M1 Winterizing Kit, but much like the M9, it continued to live on as a piece of special-purpose chemical gear. The carrier was also disadvantageous for its great size when compared to the E19R2 and especially E20 Carriers, and reports showed that men preferred the M7/M7-A Carriers the least in all situations.

Filters help protect, reduce and eliminate harmful dust, fumes, pollen, pollu Finding optical inserts for M9 Series Masks and earlier can be somewhat of a difficulty, as most were likely collected and re-issued to another soldier after they were no longer needed on one man. The reasons for an M9 Facepiece being produced of black rubber this late is still being determined.

Markings on these carriers varied greatly throughout its production run, however, all were typically stamped with the usual "US" and Chemical Corps Logo, with 'Field Protective Mask, M9A1' marked below. The M15 Was used for odd special-purpose duties where the life of an air-purifying canister would be exhausted too quickly, or simply not effective.

Initially on, 'M9' was the kit designation and 'C48R1' was the Facepiece designation, departing from the WWII-era 'Mask + Filter + Carrier' Designation System, however by 1951, the designation 'M9 Field Protective Mask' was adopted and altered to not only refer to the kit, but the facepiece as well.
Much like previously-listed kits relating to the M9 Facepiece, only the accessories, filters, and carriers are different while the facepiece is a standard M9. The M9 Series Field Protective Masks are some of the most successful gas masks to be used by the United States military, derivations being adopted by at least six other countries. The cooling overgarments consisted of a jacket, trousers, and hood that fastened onto loops on the M3 TAP Hood. It is a flat bag measuring 9½ by 12 by 4½ inches, opening with a reinforced flat closure retained by 3 'Lift-The Dot' Fasteners.

From the Collection of GasMasksUK.Aiming M1 rifles with M5 and MIT-E19R25-M11 Combat Service Masks.Comparison between the C15 Valves or MIT-E19R25 Masks and the M8 Valves of M5 Masks.Italian Red Cross volunteers donning suits and M9 masks, 2004Gas Mask and Respirator Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community.Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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