wheal jane mine

To mark its centenary, below is an extract from the Year Book published by the Chamber of Mines in 1917. In the following years the mine was taken over by Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ).

Wheal Jane Mill Gallery 1.8: This image shows the pulleys and drive belts from the 3 phase 415 volt motors to the crusher drive shaft.

A huge amount of development work had been carried out underground with passages large enough to accommodate Scoop Trams and remote control vehicles. Clemows Shaft was 514m deep and was used for ore haulage.After a consolidation of the South Crofty operation after the 1985 Tin crash it was decided to close the mill on site and keep the Wheal Jane Mill running. Wheal Jane is a disused tin mine near Baldhu and Chacewater in West Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. This remained in place until South Crofty finally closed in 1998, I had a tour of the site a few days before the last ore was delivered.The site today is the home of The Wheal Jane Sustainability Project. Wheal Jane Mine is situated in the parish of Baldhu. Production resumed in 1980, then came 1985 and the Tin Price crash caused by the end of the International Tin Agreement.Wheal Jane Mine 3: One of my favorite images of the site, taken in 1998.In 1984 when the mine was at its height it produced: 1800 tonnes of Tin concentrate, 8000 tonnes of Zinc, 700 tonnes of Copper and significant amounts of Silver. The Cornish Chamber of Mines and Minerals has had its registered office, its secretary and now its chairman based here at Wheal Jane for a number of years now, so we feel it is appropriate to feature the Chamber on our site history page. In the early 1860’s East Wheal Jane was born from the amalgamation of several smaller mines, the mine was rich in minerals. Production ceased in 1978 when the adjoining Mount Wellington mine was closed and pumping costs increased dramatically. A new shaft (No2) was sunk whilst Clemows Shaft was also deepened and re-conditioned. Wheal Jane was able to struggle on for a few years, principally due to its arsenic revenue, but it too succumbed in around 1895. See instructions These and the next few pages are new with more content and information about the mine.In the early 1860’s East Wheal Jane was born from the amalgamation of several smaller mines, the mine was rich in minerals. The Wheal Jane incident was a very visual mine water pollution event which affected the Fal Estuary in January 1992 and resulted in the establishment of an ongoing water treatment system. Mining in this area can be traced as far back as the mid 1700’s. Copyright © Simon Jones 2020 www.cornishmineimages.co.uk. These headframes have since been removed, to the right is the conveyor from the crusher house.Consolidated Gold Fields investigated the property in the 1960’s and the mine was re-opened in 1969 at an estimated cost of £6 million. The Tin price at the time was low and much investment was required to modernise the mines. Drainage of the Wheal Jane area has always been a problem. Particular attention has been paid to the likelihood of their presence at the modern Wheal Jane Mine, lying as it does in the Chacewater area where mining was extensive in the 18th and 19th centuries. In this period of operation over 3,000 tons of black tin, 740 tons copper ore, along with significant quantities of Lead, Silver, Zinc and Arsenic had been produced.Wheal Jane Mine 1: A view of the Wheal Jane Processing plant when operating.Wheal Jane Mine 2: This image was taken in 1993 shows the twin shafts of Wheal Jane, No.2 and Clemow’s. Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! By 1884 mining in the area came to an end, the mines had been closed.

Wheal Jane Group The Wheal Jane Group consists of three interrelated businesses; Wheal Jane Ltd, Wheal Jane Laboratory, and Wheal Jane Consultancy. Underground new tunnels were dug and services installed, on the surface a new mill and crusher house were built. The Wheal Jane plant was built after a catastrophic release of contaminated water in 1992, a year after the mine was closed and its pumps turned off. The crusher drive having the larger pulley.3 or possibly 4 vee belts were used, these were regularly changed on routine maintenance shutdowns (usually once a month for around 10 hours) to try and prevent failure when in operation. Previously published accounts of the Wheal Jane incident include Somerfield et al. Wheal Jane Mine is situated in the parish of Baldhu. “The records we hold do not indicate a shaft to be present at that location, however, an 1850 district mining map held in our archive indicates the presence […] Mining in this area can be traced as far back as the mid 1700’s.

Wheal Jane Mine, Cornwall - information. The area itself consisted of a large number of mines. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript!

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