stargate atlantis reboot

So yes, I believe that we will watching soon news about starget come back.IF Stargate is to have a future, then the creative decisions need to be slapped out of the grubby hands that have kept them cold and dead so far. yay for them, now we have to not only pay the cable company , but also pay cbs alsoI’ve been rewatching SGU, SG1 and now Atlantis. The Quantum mirror! I think that the studio have to see the big fanbase this franchise have, and the opportunity of revenue. The producers can’t be afraid to introduce a newStar tack Enterprise or stargate atlantis?Wych one are better ?I’d like to jump in here as a newbie. “Re-imagined” Junk. Cast and crew found other jobs, and the writers went on to create new favorites like Ellie Gall took up the role of Catherine Langford in 2018’s When the panel took to the stage, newly-hired brand manager Kieran Dickson announced that the studio had green-lit It was that vote of confidence in Stargate we had been eager to hear from the newly remade MGM.At GateWorld we’ve been in conversation with the new team at the studio for a couple of years now, and I think it’s fair to say two things about the project that was While the studio never actually said that there will be additional seasons of the Web series, with It’s tough to know how MGM has judged the relative success of this trial run.
Can you at least fill us in with what you had planned to happen?I was amongst the Stargate fans who was not as intrigued, probably due to crew or writing of Atlantis even and then SGU I did not enjoy, and then the Producers blamed me for not being a true fan (I owned both SG1 all the movies and Atlantis DVDs by then). Please! :)If they want to continue the series then they need to lead off with the end of SG:Atlantis. I have opinions. The best bet is for MGM to sell the franchise to someone that may want to take a risk on a pilot or sign off on a reboot in a grittier fashion like the Battlestar Galactica or The Expanse.Here we are in the end of August. The chemistry between actors has to be there! Eli can save the day in Universe and we can get the final SG1 story eventually but start with Atlantis! z.B. For the life of me I can’t remember which one. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to make the series good. Believe as you like, and hope for the best — I admire that, truly. Please give us, faithful followers, Stargate again. You hang onto every word, every glimmer and your optimism tells you to believe. I watched every…single…episode of every stargate series and was left hanging by a string upside down from my ankle when SGU ended so abruptly. Doesn’t mean I’d for sure like it or love it, but this is an universe that has a tonI like DS9 a lot, I have that on DVD, but I didn’t like Captain Sisko, just all the rest of the cast. We were glad to see the tumor cancelled. Star Trek: Discovery has done great for attracting subscribers to CBS All Access, and ahead of the show’s second season”….um…no…no it hasn’t at all.

It’s like the producers tried to show a more ‘gritty’ feel, but part of the appeal of SG1 was attractive cast members, wardrobes, guest stars, Egyptian lore, etc.. A Stargate reboot series could work and be well received amongst existing fans as well as gaining new fans if done right.
While I like Star Trek, DS9 being my favorite, it wasn’t earthy enough. MGM doesn’t care about anybody outside the six country ‘bubble’. If Stargate returns, it needs to be adventure that we can watch as a family, not some sick, twisted experiment about sex sells, because in SG, it doesn’t.But Origins was like a Star Trek Movie or Discovery. I’ve been watching Stargate since 1998. Yo MGM, bring us back StarGate! Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält GIGA ggf.

How do you mix exploring stargates with modern weapons and still have super awesome space ships?

Stargate’s licensed merchandise dried up. yea im a die hard fan , but this is wearing my patience… sure i watch discovery which cbs has locked down to subscription only pretty much so no one has a choice but to pay to watch it pretty much….

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